Muscle Building Myths

November 20, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

Here are a couple myths I’ve read about online as well as heard in the gym. Understanding the truth to these myths is very important to helping young lifers to learn how to plan their programs properly and move in the right direction.   Myth 1: Bench presses cause torn pecs. The reason I hate to see this myth put forward is 40

5 Myths Of Weightlifting

5 Myths Of Weightlifting

October 22, 2015 Never Fear Failure 0

5 Myths Of Weightlifting There is lots of information of over the web shared back and forth about training tips and techniques that may or may not be true. This creates conflicts between what a person should believe about weight training and it can become hard to separated what is true and what is not. Read below for the top 5 most common 40