Bodybuilders Physique Changes After He Gets A Competition Tan

June 22, 2016 Never Fear Failure 0

The main reason that bodybuilders in the sport today tan themselves is to enhance the look of their physique on stage. When bodybuilder put either spray tan or a rub on based tan it makes the physique look sharper and more cut. The lights on the bodybuilding stage also capture all of the details of the physique that they spray tan sharpens. 40

Bodybuilder Faints On Stage

Bodybuilder Faints On Stage

January 19, 2016 Never Fear Failure 0

Bodybuilder Faints On Stage Bodybuilding is a very intense sport. Both the training and dieting can be brutal and extreme on the human body. When professional bodybuilders diet for a contest they deplete certain foods such as carbohydrates in order to burn off as much body fat as possible. The day of the contest, bodybuilders deplete the amount of water they 40

Meet Choon Tan, Britain’s Smallest Bodybuilder At 4ft 10in

November 17, 2015 Never Fear Failure 2

Choon, 21, is Britain’s smallest competitive bodybuilder at only 4ft 10in. he has a rare genetic birth defect called x-linked spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda, which impairs bone growth and can cause pain and other physical complications, reports. Despite having this genetic birth defect Choon is still working hard in the gym to build his physique. [the_ad id=”231″] Choon says: “Finding out 40