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Zac Efron’s Official Workout Routine For Baywatch

Zac Efron’s Official Workout Routine For Baywatch!

It is always amazing seeing actor’s physiques’ transform from one look to another for role’s in movies’ or just for the lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see and know exactly what they were doing to transform their physique’s?

Well Zac Efron a popular actor in the movie “Neighbors” and “Baywatch” has undergone an incredible body transformation and we have his exact workout routine for you.

Below you can see the transformation of his physique:

Zac Efron Workout Routine

Image from the movie Neighbors

Zac Efron Workout Routine

Image from Baywatch

For the movie neighbors Zac Efron’s weight was around 155-160 pound’s.

But for Baywatch, it was estimated that Zac Efron was about 5-10 pounds heavier putting him at 165-170 pound’s.

Zac’s physique is not bulky and incredibly shredded but he does have very good muscle density.

His body fat percentage is most likely around the 10% range.

Zac also has a very good shoulder-to-waist ratio  when it comes to his over all physique proportion.

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