Rich Piana's Total Net Worth In 2017

Rich Piana’s Total Net Worth In 2017

Rich Piana’s Total Net Worth In 2017!

Rich Piana is not only a massive bodybuilder but he is a business man.

He has made a lot of his success from his YouTube channel where he publishes video related to bodybuilding.

Rich is a very active bodybuilder on social media and he continuously updates his social media with new content.

Currently he has 900,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and will reach 1 million in no time at all.

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Rich Piana’s Net Worth

Rich’s current net worth in 2017 is 2 million dollars.

It is estimated that he makes most of his income from his bodybuilding 5% clothing and nutrition line as well as google adsense income.

He use to work closely with the company called Mutant as a lead ambassador however upon leaving he started his own company.

Rich continues to build his bodybuilding empire and follower basis on his social media.

Currently Rich has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 13 thousand followers on twitter.

More Rich Piana’s Statistics!

Rich is 6 feet tall and weights 290 lbs.

However his weight continues to fluctuate due to his training and eating.

He has brown hair and blue eyes.


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