The Most Shredded Athletes Alive

One Of The Most Shredded Athletes Alive On Earth

One Of The Most Shredded Athletes Alive On Earth!

They say he is the one of the most shredded organisms alive!

 Meet Helmut Strebl he is 45 years old and absolutely shredded!

Helmut’s physique is so lean that you can almost use him as a human anatomy model for the muscles of the human body.

His body fat levels have to be pretty low in order to achieve the level of leanness he has.

Is it healthy? Not really because of the low body fat levels the body can have an effect on your heart through your cardiovascular systems ability to function normally.

A bodybuilder named Andrea Munzer had died as a consequence for having extremely low body fat percentages for too long.

See the picture below of Andreas.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.05.35

Helmut pretty much sustains a contest ready physique 24/7.

It is very impressive that he is able to do this because your diet would have to be very strict.

Also he has to be very careful during his diet and training because he is more prone to burning muscle tissue because of a very strict diet and low body fat.


So how long can Helmut remain as shredded as he is?

If he has been doing this for a while then he knows how his body works.

He must understand what his body can take before it is overworked.

It would be very interesting to see the kind of pump he would get after eating a large pizza!

Just look at the definition in his delts.

You can distinctly see the perpetration between all three deltoid components.



 Check out the video below to see a compilation showing off just how shredded Helmut’s physique really is!

But seriously, respect to those striations and veins, because I sure as hell couldn’t get that cut. Hopefully Helmut stays above ground for a while longer, but until then, he’s got the title.

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