How Much Muscle You Can Gain in a Month

How Much Muscle You Can Gain in a Month

You may often be tempted to step on a scale to determine the amount of muscle you have gained, especially if you have been doing intense workouts for a week.

Chances are that you will not have gained any.

Building muscles require hard work and commitment to the gym, and as such, it is something that will not happen overnight.

Actually, having noticeable muscle gain can take years.

Yes, you can gain some muscle in a month, but the gain will be relatively small.

In most cases, you will actually be experiencing some weight fluctuations within the month due to fluid loss or retention in the muscles.

The size of the muscle you can gain within a month depends on many factors in addition to your workouts and diet.

How Many Pounds Of Muscle Can You Build Within a Month?

The amount of muscle you can gain in one month is not constant but rather varies with different people.

It can be affected by your genetic build, your body size, or your gender.

Your muscle gain can also be influenced by diet, rest, the intensity of your training, and your hormonal levels.

You might have the right diet and a flawless exercising routine, but the number of muscles you can gain within one month will still be small.

Taking all these factors into account, an average man can gain up to two pounds per month and an average woman can gain a pound of muscles in a month.

You can also use anabolic steroids for significant muscle gain within a short period of time, but the results can be even greater when complemented with workouts.

These steroids can be acquired online from reliable sources, like Valkyrie Online.

Steroids enhance protein synthesis, which is crucial for muscle growth.

Exercises That Can Help Build Muscles Faster

There are a number of exercises that one can do in order to gain muscle.

While they are all aimed at increasing muscle mass, there are those that can help you do so more quickly.

For instance, you can build muscles faster by doing heavy resistance exercises as compared to light resistance exercises.

In order to experience growth in muscles, you must exert enough pressure to cause some small muscle tears.

This makes them grow bigger and stronger after the recovery period.

More importantly, building muscles must involve the muscles you already have.

Any workout that has some weightlifting in it is preferred, as far as muscle gain is concerned.

Focusing on cardio can only give you some small gains.

Weight training should be prioritized over cardio.

How Much Muscle You Can Gain in a Month

How Can Your Diet Influence Your Muscle Gain Ability?

Your eating habits can also affect your muscle gain.

If you find out that you are experiencing a steady gain in terms of weight, then this may be a result of fats and not muscles.

Sometimes the gain can be a result of fluid retention in the muscles.

Yes, you can gain muscles even when on a poor diet, but if most of your meals are fatty, then that can hinder your muscle development.

You will be wasting much of your time in the gym burning fats instead of building muscles.

If you want to gain muscles faster, then it is important to eat natural foods and those rich in proteins.

The time at which you have your meals is also crucial.

Make sure your muscles are refueled after the gym, as this can also boost recovery.

Newbies Can Experience Quicker Gains

If you are training for muscle growth for the first time, you are more likely to experience substantial muscle growth faster than those who have been doing it for a while.

This especially happens during your first few months of training.

The gains you experience will go down once your body gets used to the lifting.

That is why it is recommended to try different variations while working out to avoid stalling.

Once the body gets used to the movements you do, then chances are you might not experience significant gains.

A beginner male bodybuilder can gain up to 2.5 pounds of muscles in a month, and a female bodybuilder can gain up to half that number.

The More You Will Train The Less You Will Gain

Those who have been in the lifting industry can attest that the number of muscles gained goes down as you spend more time in training.

For instance, the men who are working out properly for muscle gain can rack up to a pound of muscles in a month while those who have been doing it for a period of three years may only be able to gain about half a pound of muscles in one month.

After three years of dedicated training, you may hit a plateau.

Change your training routine and even your diet so that you can push through the plateau.

Genetic Role In Muscle Gain

Your genetic composition also has a big role to play when it comes to muscle gain.

Studies have shown that different people can experience different gains in muscles, even if they are training with the same weight or are doing the same sets and reps.

The studies also indicate that men gain more muscles than women.

Are You Gaining Fat Or Muscle?

If you realize that you are gaining up to four pounds within a month, then chances are your muscles are retaining water and/or gaining fat.

It is recommended that you check your body fat levels after a short while so that you know if you are on the right track.

If you realize that you have increased your weight and that your body fat is still the same or has decreased, then you have most likely experienced muscle gain.

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