Strangest Tips to Get Rid of Your Vices

Strangest Tips to Get Rid of Your Vices

If you want to replace your vices with virtues, don’t be easy on yourself. You just need to discipline yourself the way a parent disciplines a 2-year old. Don’t give yourself excuses. Identify the truth of the situation and face it.

Here are the strangest tips to get rid of your vices

Change the way you think

Don’t stop doing the wrong things that you do every day. Just change the way you think about them. If you are addicted to alcohol, for instance, take more bottles of beer than never before. However, stop lying to yourself that alcohol makes you a healthier and a happier person. Establish the facts and remind yourself of them every time you take a sip of your beer. For example, excessive drinking of alcohol leads to liver cirrhosis. Fact. Liver cirrhosis can kill. Another fact. You will soon find these hard facts about alcohol unpalatable and stop it.

Strangest Tips to Get Rid of Your Vices

Realize that you are where you are because of your thoughts

Normally, it is your thoughts that do praiseworthy things. However, whenever it comes to your vices, it is someone else’s fault. This thinking must stop. Whichever situation you find yourself in, good or bad, always recognize it as your fault. Stop blaming anyone else for it. If you ask a Stop Drinking Expert, for example, he will tell you that you are not a drunkard because your marriage is failing or your career is going nowhere. It is not even because you are in debt. It is because of your bad thoughts.

Put yourself in the shoes of those who are hurt by your vices

Your heavy smoking causes cancer to people who have never smoked actively in their lives. Your excessive drinking of alcohol hurts the people you love most. Stop ignoring the effects that your vices have on the people around you. Imagine that it was you on the receiving end of similar vices. If it would hurt you, it is killing them. Therefore, stop it for their sake, even if you don’t want to be a better person yourself for now.

Accept yourself and know that you can change

You are an irresponsible alcoholic. You hurt people with your drunkenness and inflict pain on the people who look up to you for inspiration. Stop calling yourself a responsible parent or a busy professional. People know who you are first before they ask you what you do. Therefore, accept your situation and own it. Naturally, you will confirm to yourself that you are capable of changing. If people have changed, why not you? The biggest step in stopping your bad vices is knowing that you can change.

In summary, most people deny their vices. They want to justify their wrong deeds and remain where they are. However, if you accept yourself, you will find it very easy to replace your vices with good deeds. However strange it may be, being brutally honest with your vices and their effects on the people around you is the first step to inner healing which makes you a better person. The next step would be to seek help from an expert, but you will already be on your way to freedom.

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