Waking Up With A Headache: What Causes It?

Waking Up With A Headache: What Causes It?

Sleep has a lot of good benefits. However, it is entirely linked to disturbances like chronic morning headaches.

Morning headaches can be considered as a common occurrence. However, there are various reasons why it is taking place. Some causes can be shrug off while others needed strict medical attention.

One thing that you should know is that sleep and headaches are closely related. Specifically, people with sleeping conditions tend to be more susceptible to headaches and migraines than those who have not.

If your mornings are always greeted with moderate to severe headaches, you might be among those individuals who are suffering from an “awakening headache.” Apparently, what makes this headache from other types is that it happens during or shortly after you wake up. But what really causes these morning headaches? Read on to find out.

Sleep Apnea

Waking Up With A Headache: What Causes It?

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder characterized by difficulties in breathing while you are sleeping. One of its symptoms is excessive snoring.

There are no medical studies that indicate how sleep apnea is directly related to morning headaches. However, this said disorder indirectly causes troubles to happen.

People with sleep apnea tend to have sleeping disturbances. They are those who cannot sleep properly during the night. Lack of sleep can indeed cause headaches and even trigger migraines.


Waking Up With A Headache: What Causes It?

We are all familiar with insomnia. In fact, you might even be a frequent victim of this particular disorder.

By all means, having insomnia is quite bad news. It is something that prevents a person from sleeping in the right hours. This disorder disrupts the circadian rhythm of a person, which keeps them from having a pleasant evening repose.

A migraine can be triggered by insomnia. The sleep disturbances that it can cause makes a person prone to severe headaches. Although this one is not true for all people, there is a relatively high chance that the condition can elevate your chances of having morning headaches.

Fortunately, various interventions can quell insomnia. A simple yet effective approach is to get a suitable pillow that supports you and your sleeping preferences. It should give you the right comfort level that can help you sleep better.


Waking Up With A Headache: What Causes It?

Interestingly, things like depression and anxiety can cause serious health problems. Notably, this involves common headaches and migraines.

Some studies have suggested people who are suffering from depression are most likely to suffer from chronic headaches. Well, the link between these two is not really direct.

When a person is depressed, he/ she is prone to insomnia. And just like what was mentioned, insomnia can become a significant trigger of morning headaches.

Teeth Grinding

Waking Up With A Headache: What Causes It?

Are you among the people who are grinding their teeth involuntarily while sleeping? You might be suffering from bruxism. Bruxism, or sleep bruxism, is a less known sleep disorder that can cause headaches during the day.

Bruxism usually involves jaw clenching at the temporomandibular joints (JMT), which are located at both sides of your head–just adjacent to where your ears are placed. Specifically, the JMT is the one that controls the movements of the jaw.

It is normal for this particular joint to move. But for it to run excessively is not a good thing either. It can cause pain to multiple parts of your face, which include the head and neck.

Therefore, those who have this condition are always subjected to morning headaches, especially if it takes place during the night. Fortunately, there are various treatments for it such as oral inserts and appliances.

Alcohol and Medication

Waking Up With A Headache: What Causes It?

People who are taking medicines may be susceptible to headaches when they wake up. There are some medicines out there that generate inconvenient side effects such as disruptions in the sleeping pattern. They can prevent you from sleeping, which in turn, might trigger morning headaches.

If this is your case, you might want to consult your physician about this problem. The latter might be able to provide other alternatives to your existing medicines that have less invasive effects to your body.

Of course, heavy drinking can cause headaches in the morning. Aside from sleep disruptions, being indulged in alcohol will send you to a bad hangover.

Hangovers usually take place moments after you wake up. When they kick in, the pain and discomfort can be severe. Furthermore, it doesn’t’ go away quickly.

Wrapping it Up

The best way to identify what causes a person’s morning headaches is through self-assessment. Checking the symptoms and observing the condition will allow you to determine the culprit why you are having a severe and painful morning.

But that’s enough yet. You still have to talk to your doctor about your case. They are the ones that can verify if your suspicions are right.

Eventually, you might need to undergo a series of medical assessments before a prior diagnosis can be given. But don’t worry. All these things are necessary for you to wake up again without any bothersome headaches.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.




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