Perfect Supplements for Vegans

Perfect Supplements for Vegans

A vegan diet needs to have a well-balanced daily consumption of legumes, wholegrain, nut, and seeds, berries, fruits, and vegetables. But according to various studies, most vegans might have a hard time sticking to a balanced diet. Some have managed to follow a balanced diet while others have a dietary deficiency.

So, you need to check your menu to make sure you get the nutrients you need for ideal health. You may also be advised to take a supplement to ensure you take a balanced diet.

Below are some nutrients that vegans need to check to ensure they remain on optimal health.

1. Vitamin-D

The body needs Vitamin-D to keep your teeth, bones and the muscles healthy and active. But during the cold season, the body might not be able to make Vitamin-D from sunlight. Thus, it is necessary to consider eating foods that are rich in Vitamin-D. However, vitamin-D sources for vegans are scarce. They do not eat oily fish, egg yolks, red meat, liver, and cheese. If you are a vegan, you may be recommended to use supplements.

2. Vitamin-B12

Lack of vitamin-B12 can lead to pregnancy complications, heart disease, anemia, and nerve damage. But you can find Vitamin-B12 in animal foods. This can be distressing to vegans since there are less vitamin-B12 sources for them. Fortunately, there are supplements that vegans can take to ensure they have the required Vitamin-B12. So, looking for a Vitamin B12 supplement or eat fortified foods.

3. Calcium

Another key ingredient that vegans might be lacking in calcium. It plays a vital role in maintaining healthy bones and preventing various diseases. Although there are several plant sources that vegans can benefit from, the levels of calcium might not be as high as those obtained from cow’s milk. Fortunately, there are several vegan supplements that they can take. If you feel you cannot achieve the calcium intake through diets, there are several supplements you can try.

4. Iron

Iron is needed in the body to help make hemoglobin. The prime source of iron is meat. Thus, vegans may not have sufficient levels of iron in their bodies. Although beans, spinach, nuts may contain iron, the standards might not be enough for the body. Hence, vegans should consider iron supplements.

Perfect Supplements for Vegans

5. Omega-3s

Omega-3s helps to protect against various diseases such as heart disease. Oily fish is one of the best sources of Omega-3s. For vegans, they mainly depend on walnuts oil, flaxseed oil, and avocados. However, the sources might not be enough. Therefore, it might be wise to consider a supplement.

6. Zinc

For the immune system, zinc is essential. Good sources of zinc are fish and meat. Although vegans have zinc sources such as cereals, seeds, and nuts, this might not be enough. Happily, there are zinc supplements for people with low-blood zinc levels.


For vegans, several nutrients requirements might be hard to achieve through fortified foods and diets. Thus, you might be recommended to have a supplement. Fortunately, supplements for vegans are available and can help you meet the nutrients needs. However, it is essential to consult your doctor when using some supplements such as iron supplements. High levels of iron supplements are not suitable for everyone.

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