The Flu Is Not Good for Your Health or Your Wallet

The Flu Is Not Good for Your Health or Your Wallet

It’s officially cold and flu season, which means that a significant portion of the population is going to get infected.

If you haven’t gotten a flu shot yet, you should get one right away to protect yourself from four of the virus strains that are going around this year.

In the meantime, wash your hands and avoid your coughing colleagues because a bad bout of the flu can do a number on your health and your bank account. 

Why is it hard on your health?

The flu shares certain symptoms with the common cold like a stuffy nose or a cough, but the virus should never be underestimated.

It’s not something that you can power through with throat lozenges and extra boxes of tissues.

When people are hit with influenza, their muscles can ache, and their entire body can fluctuate between sweltering fevers and unrelenting chills.

They feel too fatigued and rundown to do anything except for lay in bed and wait until they recover.

The effect of these flu symptoms can last for a few days or hold on for two straight weeks — the severity and the endurance of the infection often depends on the immune system of the person infected.

In some cases, the virus can cause serious health complications like bronchitis and pneumonia. People who are at a higher risk of serious infection and hospitalization include:

  • Small children
  • Senior citizens
  • Pregnant women
  • People with chronic illnesses
  • People with compromised immune systems 

Why is it hard on your wallet?

There are a few reasons why getting hit with this tenacious virus will be rough on your wallet.

The high cost of catching the flu includes over a hundred dollars in medical attention and treatment — the overall price depends on whether the person is covered by insurance or if they have to pay out of pocket.

People without insurance can pay approximately $200 to see a physician and get prescription medication, while those with insurance tend to give more than $130 for the experience.

The Flu Is Not Good for Your Health or Your Wallet

Another important way that the flu can wreak havoc on your finances is that you will likely miss a few days from your work week — that can be a critical portion taken out of a monthly paycheck.

The average American worker only has seven days of paid sick leave after a year of service, which a bout of the flu can demolish.

It gets worse if someone has used their days off earlier in the year, and now they have to sacrifice work in order to heal.

People who freelance, who are self-employed or who simply don’t have job security will suffer more for taking time off.

Obviously, the financial damage will be much higher if you have any health complications resulting from the illness.

You can quickly turn run up bills for thousands of dollars per day when you are hospitalized.

The price tag ultimately depends on the state that you live in and the extent of your health insurance.

How can you avoid the flu?

The first step is to protect yourself by getting the flu shot, which can be done by your general practitioner.

If you don’t have health coverage, you can get the flu shot without insurance at your county health department’s free clinic or at a variety of pharmacies — the pharmacy prices can range between twenty to seventy dollars, depending on the dosage.

Another good precaution for you to take is to set aside some money in case you have to take a trip to the hospital and buy prescription medication — this is especially important if you are at a higher risk of suffering complications.

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In the end, you should get your flu shot even if you think your body can quickly fight off the virus or if you think that your wallet won’t get hurt in the process.

The preventative measure will help your coworkers, friends and family members stay perfectly healthy and stick to their production schedules.

If you can’t motivate yourself to get the appointment for your own health and money, do it for everyone else in your life.

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