Muscle Building Easy-to-Follow Guides and Tips

Muscle Building Easy-to-Follow Guides and Tips

We’ve all heard the term ’99 pound weakling’ which was coined by Charles Atlas, the best-known bodybuilder of his time. Since then millions have flocked to gyms to build up muscles to do wrist and forearm workouts to ankle strength exercises.

Muscle building involves either compound exercises which use more than one muscle or

isolation exercises which target one muscle.

Exercises range from squats to bench presses to lifting and more.

To gain muscle, you have to gain strength.

The more strength you gain, the more weights you can lift, and the heavier the lifts the bigger your muscles can grow naturally.

So, let’s talk about some of the best tips around to help you build muscles quickly and safely.

3 Truths

There is so much information and routines, some good, some not so good. But there are three universal truths out there:

1. Progression: Using heavier and heavier weights as time goes by. But since anybody can only lift so much, enter now: Variation.

2. Variation: The body adapts to stimuli quickly, so we need to add variation in our workout. Variation can be in anything from the number of repetitions to your rest time. The point is to keep the body on its toes and second-guessing.

3. Consistency: You’re very likely to see good results at the beginning. Enjoy that while it lasts, because as your body becomes more used to training the results will slow down. Consistency is essential.

Muscle Building Easy-to-Follow Guides and Tips

3 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Overtraining: It tops the list because people don’t listen to their body when they have to. When your body is tired, listen to it and rest even if it goes against your normal routine.

2. Not keeping track: You need to keep track of your workouts if you’re serious about it. You need to know how much you’re progressing and what you need to add or modify.

3. Training vs Lifestyle: If you follow a poor lifestyle, no amount of training in the world will get you the results you want. Your lifestyle needs training too, which means you will see few if any results if you’re binge drinking, not resting enough or eating unhealthy. Speaking about eating…

Best Foods for Muscle Building

Protein: The best consumption for you can be found in protein foods such as cottage cheese, beans, fish, chicken, and turkey. Complex carbs in whole grain foods and omega-3 fats are also best for strength exercises.

Fats: There are good fats and bad fats. You need an intake of good fats such as olive/flaxseed oil, nuts, fatty fish, full-fat yogurt just to mention a few items.

Carbohydrates: Foods like potatoes, oatmeal, yams, rice, whole wheat bread, and pasta are all needed. Carbs provide your body with more fuel to lift more.

Consistency & Commitment

Building muscle is a process that needs a balance between workouts, recovery periods and a good nutrition plan. In the end, you will know your body better and know what works best for you. As long as you stay committed to keeping a healthy diet and are consistent with your workouts, you can’t really go wrong.

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