How To Choose Right Kind Of Gymnastic Beam For Your Kid?

How To Choose Right Kind Of Gymnastic Beam For Your Kid?

Do you wish to purchase a high quality and good gymnastic beam with little investment that benefits you the most?

You can expect a high-quality beam that would last long with little wear and tear.

What’s the best thing related to online gymnastic bars or beams is that you can clean and use it well using water and cloth.

Moreover, you can sanitize the mattress as well as beam using your favorite sanitizer and a soft cloth to make the mat germ free.

Encourage your little gymnast using high quality assured beam at home.

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Three Basic Categories Of Balance Beam:

Generally, gymnastic beams get thoroughly categorized as per the skills of gymnasts. Basically, there are 3 categories in which balance beams get fall and used in gymnastics.

They are named as follows- beginner, junior, and training beams.

Buying right kind of balance beam becomes essential so as to avoid injuries and accidents.

Read the small guide-

Beginner beams

Beginner beams are specially designed and manufactured for little gymnasts that are in the learning stage.

This kind of beam is directly laid on the surface or floor and made using foam.

Thus chances of getting injuries and damages at the time of session are minimal.

Junior beams

This type of balance beams are for gymnasts who wish to practice sport, it is even useful for intermediate gymnasts.

It holds a wooden core followed by padding on the top of the beam.

Two or three legs made up of steel are provided for supporting the beams and offer stability.

Your little kid will experience a realistic feeling of competition.

Training beams

Higher beam gets used by more advanced and skilled gymnasts who wish to execute hard practicing skills during training sessions.

Your little kid gets an idea regarding how it feels and what it takes to compete in the tournament. Great gymnastic beam or bar would assist enhanced overall atmosphere.

How to find right kind of balance beam?

Given below is a small guide that allows you to find the right kind of balance beam, just read about it-


If there is a gymnastics competition at your kid’s school, and you want your kid to compete with other participants then your kid would require regular practice at home.

Hence, a right gymnastics beam width of 4 inches would be perfect.

It is considered a standard width for performing well in any competition.

Some of the beginner’s or starters prefer a wider width for practicing on beams to develop better balance.


Length of gymnastic balance beam relies on the space available at your resident.

Four feet long beam is the smallest size available in the market, they are also referred to as sectional beams.

Since the beam is manufactured using the appropriate and proper material, it is capable of attaching several pieces so as to build a longer beam.

The gymnastic beam is available in various lengths such as 8, 10 as well as 16 feet’s.


Manufacturers usually prefer to create and design gymnastic beam using a soft material that gets foamed with different density and softness level.

The beam gets manufactured using a solid wood that gets a padded top for more skilled and advanced gymnasts. Why it is designed in such a manner?

It is because of the fact that gymnast gets heavier this would sink beam, as it is manufactured using foam, under the weight.

A wrong sort of material can make your practice unbearable.

That’s why in order to prevent; the beam gets fully covered in suede-like style just like the normal competition style covers.

How To Choose Right Kind Of Gymnastic Beam For Your Kid?

Get reviews of top 5 gymnastics:

Here you will be able to review top 5 best gymnastic bars or beams that can be used effectively at home. The review contains important features and its advantages.

Ajeta 8 feet balance beam

It is an 8ft 4in long bar that gets designed with faux-suede exterior and heavy grade foam so as to prevent gymnasts from slipping.

The gymnasts who perform activities such as dismounts, cartwheels, and handsprings can use it precisely.

One of the biggest advantages of it is that the safety factor is completely guaranteed.

It doesn’t contain any slip feature thus protects your kid from slipping. It is 4” wide and 4” in height.

Gym2Dance balance beam

It is an 8 feet balance beam that is considered one among the cheapest balance beam available in the market.

You will get all the advantages that any other expensive beam will offer to you.

It is approximately 5 five inch from the ground that provides, for gymnasts, an ideal ground clearance factor.

Some experts suggest it is the most reliable and balance beam with 4” width and 8 ft length.

You can get a reasonable dimension that can be kept easily at home.

Beam store suede balance beam

beginners can use it to level up to the advanced level so as to enhance their performance during the practice.

It is 7 in from the floor and 8 feet long that includes support of 12-inch.

You can buy a standard 4” beam so that your kid continues his training without losing feet from the beam.

Similar padding gets used as that of professional competition beams.

Tumbl track balance beam

you will get real assurance when you buy this gymnastic product online.

Since the beam gets made by using the experiences of coaches, experts, and gymnasts, you will get not only best also assured product.

The sectional floor beam is not only a good product but also the most recommended one so that gymnasts can practice well.

Junior gymnastics beam

junior gymnastic beam helps your kid while practicing and eventually your kid develops skills and confidence at floor level.

Before the kid reaches full height balance beam, it is highly recommended to use it.

One such benefit of the beam is that your kid doesn’t get a slip or hurt thus confidence does not get affected.

It gets manufactured with a wooden core using premium synthetic suede with foam on the top.

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