5 Of The Safest Ketogenic Drinks To Keep You In Ketosis

5 Of The Safest Ketogenic Drinks To Keep You In Ketosis

One of the problems associated with following a ketogenic diet is finding a safe drink that will keep your body in a ketogenic state.

As you will most certainly know by now, there is a lot of emphasis and reservations when it comes to maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle.

For example, you need to avoid drinking alcohol especially those that contain high amounts of sugars and sweeteners.

Although, there are not many drinks that are safe to consume on a ketogenic diet, below are 5 of the safest drink you can consume to ensure that your body remains in ketosis.

1. Water

Water is by far the safest drink to have when starting a keto diet.

It is recommended that you consume more water especially during the first few days of starting out a keto diet because the shed minerals and water quickly once you begin to absorb the low amount of carbohydrate.

And as soon as the ketone levels in the body increases, more water will be excreted.

To make up for the subtle dehydration that usually comes with carbohydrate restriction, it is necessary to consume much water daily.

If you happen to be uncomfortable drinking plain water, then you can opt to mix a glass of water with fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs.

A good example includes citrus, mint ice cubes, and frozen fruit.

2. Tea and coffee

5 Of The Safest Ketogenic Drinks To Keep You In Ketosis

When on a ketogenic diet, you don’t necessarily need to consume less tea and coffee.

In fact, tea and coffee happen to be a healthy choice of drink to help keep your body in ketosis.

It is beneficial in helping you get over the decrease in energy associated with starting out a ketogenic diet.

But you also need to know that your favorite early morning cup of tea or coffee will only keep you in ketosis if you don’t add any sugar to it.

You can choose to have your cup of tea or coffee plain or add a bit of unsweetened full-fat milk, plain milk, coconut milk, or almond milk.

You can also add MCT powder or oil, butter, or even coconut oil to increase the fat contents of your beverage which is helpful to all the various type of ketones in the body.

You can also opt to take green tea and herbal tea which reduces the caffeine effect and is also beneficial to the body in a variety of ways.

3. Diet Soda

If you are serious about achieving your goals with a ketogenic diet, then you most certainly want to reduce or entirely avoid the regular sodas.

This is because they contain an insanely amount of sugar which can alter your daily calorie intake.

You also need to be careful of the sugar-free sodas that are available in the market, a lot of them are just promotional brand and are not entirely without sugar as they contain artificial sweeteners that can alter you keto state.

Instead, you can go for natural and healthier diet soda options such as Zevia or better yet get creative and make your own by mixing sparkling water and a keto friendly sweetener such as citrus or vegetable flavors.

4. Milk Products

Drinking a lot of milk is not advisable when on a ketogenic diet, this is because a cup of milk contains about 12 grams of sugar which can be harmful to daily carb consumption.

If you must use milk for cooking or baking, then it is advisable for you to use low carb milk alternatives such as Almond milk, Coconut milk, Cashew milk, Soy milk, Flax milk, and Hemp milk.

When shopping for milk at the grocery store, endeavor to check the calorie count on the pack and keep your daily milk consumption to the minimum ensuring it falls within your daily carb limit.

5. Energy Drinks

5 Of The Safest Ketogenic Drinks To Keep You In Ketosis

Not all energy drinks are safe for consumption on a ketogenic diet; this is because they contain a high amount of sugar as much as a can of soda.

When searching for an energy drink, be on the lookout for sugar-free or low carb option of the favorite brands of energy drinks.

My favorites include brands like Red Bull, Zevia, Monster, and Rockstar. You also want to check the labels to ensure that they fall within your daily carb limit.


While on a ketogenic diet, you need to make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to what you eat and drink.

If you happen to love sweet red wines and soda, you most certainly need to avoid them when starting a keto diet.

It can be a hard call to make, but it is something you certainly want to do if you intend to get your desired result in the quickest possible time.

Take notice of the carbohydrate content of sodas, milk, energy drinks and beverages.

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