Tips For Doing Yoga During Pregnancy

Tips For Doing Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a delicate time in a woman’s life.

Emotions flare up, hormones get out of control and changes are all-encompassing.

It is one of the most confusing times.

Are you tired?

Can you still do yoga?

How hard are your yoga workouts?

Can you still engage the kind of yoga where you do headstands?

These are the questions you may be asked.

Luckily, the impending motherhood is a beautiful thing.

The thought of bringing forth a mini version of you is profound.

With the emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga, you can dedicate your yoga poses to help you prepare for the baby.

We shall look at some of the tips to help you get by the yoga challenges.

Do Not Overstretch

You may not notice, but when pregnant, your body expands daily to accommodate your baby.

This includes insides and exteriors.

Once you are getting pregnant, your body releases a ‘relaxin’ hormone which relaxes your ligaments to allow the passage of the baby through the narrow pelvis.

This hormone affects your entire body.

Therefore, never stretch through ranges that may be painful.

Overstretching can cause muscle pull.

So focus on building stability and flexibility.

Avoid exercises that beckon touching your toes

Water Your Body

Carry a water bottle with you dutifully. You should take mouthful sips of water in between every yoga workout.

Some yoga instructors will instruct you not to drink water as a means to building internal heat.

However, when gravid, dehydration should not be your potion.

Dehydration during pregnancy can cause preterm labor. Hence, drink water when it feels right by your body.

Shy Away From Extreme Twist Poses

If you were an avid yogi before getting pregnant, you can easily do the twists during your first trimester.

However, if you have never engaged in yoga twists, pregnancy is not the phase to get epiphany, order yoga pants and enroll for yoga classes.

Just limit your body to safe poses.

You may do some mild yoga twist, but not all.

Deep twist that compresses your middle line is a no-no.

Any mini twists that keep your belly and heart open are permissible.

Dwell On The Vigor

In this delicate stage do not just stretch.

Rather, focus on controlling your range of kinetics.

Move in a range where you can slowly feel your muscles being activated.

The yoga vigor is consequential; you will reap many benefits.

While beginning with contemplating yoga poses that make you feel vigorous, avoid falling into stretches.

Do Inversions Carefully

Once again if you had not been doing inversions before you got enceinte, it is best to avoid them.

Avid yogis are allowed to do inversions if they are comfortable for your body.

Tread carefully with inversions; do inversions as long as they feel good. In the third trimester, you may need to avoid inversions in totality.

Chances are that your body is inclined to prefer less intense inversions.

Alternatively, options that create more stability are safer during pregnancy.

Practical yoga poses during pregnancy include but are not limited to a downward dog, bridge, upright half pigeon, extended side angle, half moon, low wide squat, half or even the dolphin postures.

Invest In Yoga Accessories

The yoga accessories make yoga sessions more comfortable.

Hence, they are more apt for prenatal yoga.

Invest in yoga bolsters and cushions to get the necessary support and balance.

Even if you read every book in the universe, you might not fully comprehend what physical, emotion changes until you are in the thick of it.

For the three trimesters, yoga will help you cope with the torrential emotions.

Yoga helps your body accept your body and changes that are happening within you.

 Tips For Doing Yoga During Pregnancy

Stay Happy.

Happiness is good for the baby.

Yoga and meditation make you relaxed and cheerful.

Commendably, take time to meet with a friend, or listen to good music preferably a flute.

Yoga will help create serenity amidst the chaos of morning sickness and swelling feet.

Choose A Well-ventilated Spot

If you have a yoga studio, make a conscious effort to arrive early.

Do not pace your weighty body into the yoga studio last. Early birds get the proverbial ‘worms’ for a reason.

Being an early person allows you to choose an exercise spot.

You get to place your mat near the door or near the airways.

It is important you stay cool during yoga because your temperature regulation mechanism is working overtime for you and your baby.

Find a place with the direct breeze in the class.

No yogi will be disrespectful of an enceinte woman to edge you from your spot.

If you are the ‘lone ranger’ type at home, take the similar approach.

With precision, set you yoga station at a cool place.

If possible, you can indulge in your yoga sessions outdoors.

Finally, Learn To Trust Your Body,

During pregnancy, your instincts are your greatest bio-security asset.

If a yoga pose does not feel right, then do not do it.

Wobble your way (gracefully) into the yoga area, chat with your instructor, get into a pose, take a break then explore another posture.

You can always ask for a modification of difficult yoga poses from your instructor.

They can always recommend another pose(s) that have the corresponding benefits.

For example, instead of an open heart from the belly, opt for a modified camel pose that works the same muscle groups.

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