5 Steps to Blogging Your Way to Fitness

5 Steps to Blogging Your Way to Fitness

Whether you want to get fit, be healthier, or lose weight for your own benefit or for the benefit of others, using a blog to achieve your goal can be a great way to do it.

Your fitness journey is just that, a journey.

Setting up a blog is much the same as it takes time to live out your experience, write about it, and positively influence others who read your blog.

A few of the benefits are:


Blogging about your fitness process can be a great source of accountability.

When you put your goals in writing and broadcast them, other people will naturally want to know how your story goes, therefore becoming a source of keeping you on track.

Tracking Your Progress

By writing about your goals and telling others about them from the beginning, you can easily track your progress.

You can relive your origins often and see incremental improvements.

You will also learn about yourself and gain personal development as you get fit.

Community Learning

When you blog and create a community, you can influence others who read your blog and you can learn from those who have gone ahead of you.

You will also be able to teach others as they work through their own aspirations.

Helping Others

By engaging others in your blog and process, you can help them succeed.

You will get your own sense of accomplishment for reaching your target and feel a sense of pride in bringing others along with you.

When you see others succeed, your own sense of success expands exponentially.

5 Steps to Blogging Your Way to Fitness

You Can Monetize Your Blog

Chances are, you are journaling about your experiences anyway, why not add video and sell it? Readers are very interested in the personal side of the traveler’s life.

If you can write, workout, and capture your experiences in such a way that you are revealing parts of your adventure in a story format, followers will engage, making it easier to attract affiliate advertisers to your blog and begin generating income.

The more you promote fitness and blog, the more engaged your audience becomes, and your blog’s value increases.

Here are a few tips to boost your success in generating revenue through blogging:

  • Direct affiliate sales take place when you know your niche and want to work with local companies in a particular area or in a specific tourism focus. Meet with company owners and present the benefits of working together on each other’s blogs and you quickly become an expert on site as well as on the web.
  • Become a brand ambassador for a company. For example, you may find a company that sells clothing for yoga that will let you try it out, put it to the test, and promote sales of that clothing line.
  • Do your research and find podcasts that want to be promoted or that you want to boost and cross-market each other. You can write about what they are talking about and they can talk about your workout blog. Win-win.

Steps to Starting Your Blog

Getting started with a new fitness blog is relatively easy and there are many things you can learn to implement as you develop your site and story.

Writing from a lifestyle perspective is an excellent way to engage readers and accomplish the blog goals mentioned previously.

Buy A Domain Name

By purchasing your blog domain name, you ensure that it will be around for the life of your blog, especially if you’ve put in all the work necessary for a successful blog.

Unfortunately, host companies come and go, but by purchasing a solid URL, you can be sure that you won’t disappear even if they do.

Take A Lot of Photos

People are visual.

There’s no way around it.

People want to see pictures and video of what you’re talking about.

They want to live vicariously through you and what you’re seeing.

They want to see the nutritious and delicious meal you’re about to devour, the workout equipment you use, the clothing you wear, the scale you weigh in on, etc.

They want to see it all.

So, show them.

It’s all fabulous fodder for your blog.

Sure, you can use two exclamation points at the end of a sentence when you talk about how fun your experience of stepping on the scale and seeing a lower number, or you can show a picture of your beaming face or your pedicured toes with the scale display.

The old adage is still so very true: a picture really is worth a thousand words – and extra exclamation points.

Tell Your Story – All of It

In addition to taking copious amounts of photos and video, journal about everything.

Make it a point to write about all your fleeting thoughts and emotions, the ways your senses pick up on things around you.

It does not have to be perfect by any means.

Just get it out of your head and on to paper or in your digital notes.

You can make lists, jot down keywords, create full paragraphs, or fill pages.

Just write about it all. You can always refer back to this when you begin to prepare for your blogs.

Words will trigger emotions. Emotions will trigger memories and those memories are what you share.

Develop a Personal Brand

When you blog about what you know you set yourself up as an expert and create a platform for your message and personal branding.

This can lead to greater reader influence and monetization and affiliate sales leveraging options.

Remember, your fitness journey is about you…and others who read about your journey. Bring them with you and enjoy the ride.

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