Do Ellipticals Help Lose Belly Fat?

Do Ellipticals Help Lose Belly Fat?

People that gain weight tend to gather some extra fat in the belly region.

This type of weight gain is more prominent in men than in women but occurs to both sexes.

You may have the opinion that belly fat is harmless, but the reality is that it isn’t.

Health issues such as high triglycerides, heart disease, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes can all occur as a result of belly fat.

This article will address the possibility of the use of elliptical machines to reduce belly fat.

There is a range of exercises and exercise equipment that can help you to lose belly fat.

For this article, we will be taking a look at ellipticals as an example of such equipment.

First of all, some common misconceptions need to be cleared up.

Misconceptions about Weight Loss

There is a concept called “spot reduction.” The idea behind this is borne from a common misconception that a person can focus on losing weight in one particular area of the body simply by performing a specific exercise repeatedly.

This idea is false. You cannot focus any specific weight loss exercise on a single area of your body.

Take sit-ups for example. Sit-ups tighten and tone the abdominal muscles, but have nothing to do with fat reduction.

You can only reduce fat by keeping track of the number of calories that you consume and making sure that you burn more.

This can be achieved by making changes to your diet, strength training exercise, cardio-exercise or a combination of any of the three options.

Elliptical Machines for Losing Belly Fat

An elliptical is a cardio machine.

Since we have established the fact that cardio exercises can help you to lose belly fat, then it is safe to assert that elliptical machines can help you to lose belly fat.

An elliptical machine has hand-held poles attached to its foot pedals and base.

The way it works, you have to push and pull these poles, while simultaneously moving your legs in a motion that resembles gliding.

Repetitions of this movement on the elliptical machine will lead to an increase in your heart rate, consequently triggering a response in your body.

The body’s default response will be to begin to burn calories.

The result of regular exercises in this manner is weight loss throughout the body.

When you work at the machine, a high amount of muscle fiber is recruited in your body.

To generate power and remain balanced, you are forced to put a strain on your abs.

These actions lead to an increase in your metabolic rate, consequently contributing to a reduction in your belly fat.

Configurable difficulty settings on the elliptical machine allow you to increase the amount of work that you have to put your body through to get through a session, speeding up the calorie burn process.

Losing your belly fat is not going to happen within the first few days of exercising on your elliptical machine.

The amount of time that you spend on exercising each session, and the regularity of your exercises through each week play a significant role in the effectiveness of the exercise.

On the average, one hour to one hour thirty minutes each day, four times a week should be good enough to make considerable progress.

If you are unable to meet the minimum of one hour each session, then you should consider working out more than once a day to balance up the numbers – it’ll be just as effective.

Do Ellipticals Help Lose Belly Fat?

Belly fat is hard to get rid of, so you must be aggressive with your elliptical workouts. Train smartly to maximize the full potential of each session and never forget that consistency is key.

How do you train smartly?

There are three approaches to elliptical training for reducing belly fat and weight loss generally.

The first approach is to keep it short, and these are the steps involved:

  • On the elliptical settings, set the resistance to somewhere around level 5. You can use the speed button to keep track of the speed that you have to maintain when you get to more difficult intervals. With these settings in place, pedal for ninety seconds.
  • Increase the resistance level to somewhere around level 10 and pedal for thirty seconds. Try to pedal faster than you were on the previous resistance level. Move your arms and legs as though you were running, and contract your abdominals as you do this.
  • Focus on exercising your abdominal muscles, and you should only grab the handlebars when you need to maintain balance.
  • Slow down and set the resistance level back at level 5. Repeat routine for twenty minutes.

The second approach is “going long”, and these are the steps involved:

  • Start at resistance level 5 and pedal for a full minute.
  • Every minute, increase the level by one until ten minutes are up.
  • Reduce back to level 5 and then repeat the progressive increase for 5 rounds of ten minutes. This should get you up to a total session time of sixty minutes.
  • It is advisable to hold the handlebars for this workout. You can burn even more calories by pulling and pushing on the handlebars.

The final approach is finding a midway point, and here’s what you have to do:

  • Start with a resistance level of 7. Pedal for about two minutes at moderate speed.
  • Increase your speed to a quick pace and pedal for about a minute, pushing and pulling on the handlebars as you do so.
  • Alternate between a minute of quick pedaling and two minutes of moderate speed until you reach a session time of forty minutes.

Extra tip: It is important to note that you must not pull or push on the handlebars too aggressively, so you do not overstrain your upper body muscles.

Summarily, elliptical workouts is definitely a great idea if you are trying to lose belly fat or just lose weight generally.

However, the importance of paying attention to a healthy diet cannot be overemphasized.

Cut calories from your meals every day to further reduce body fat, including the one around your belly.

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