Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine

Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine

Cedric McMillan is one of the major bodybuilders out there.

He managed to retain an amazing body, and the best part about it is that he always looks better and better.

But as you can imagine, there’s a lot of work when it comes to creating and maintaining some powerful shoulders.

That’s why the Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine is quite comprehensive, and here are some of the things you can learn from him in this regard.

Not counting reps

One of the major things to note about the Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine is that he is not counting reps.

Instead, he does as many reps as he feels it’s ok.

Of course, listening to your shoulders and your body as a whole is really important.

If you do that, you will end up getting some very good results.

But you have to be honest.

You don’t need to push your body if you feel that you can’t endure any more workouts.

A lot of shoulder presses

The Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine starts with the shoulder presses.

He starts with a single plate on each side, but he does end up adding more weights to make the workout more suitable for him.

A thing to notice here is that he takes a lot of time to bring the weight down.

The focus is on negative movement.

“Usually I will always start my shoulder workout with some pressing movement. At the other gyms I have a hammer strength shoulder press, but here I’m using a smith machine.

“Sometimes I might do behind the back, but today we did on the front.

“I started out with a warm-up set. I usually make my warm-up set where I stretch the muscles and get a full range of motion. I believe a lot of times people get injured when the muscles are cold or if you have a lack of flexibility.”

Forward shoulder presses

One of the reasons why the Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine is very good is because he uses some interesting exercises.

This one isn’t that popular, and it certainly isn’t that easy either.

He uses the 15 lb dumbbells during the exercise.

There is no momentum here, no swinging, just pure forward shoulder presses.

Bent over lateral raise

This is an exercise focused on light weights, and it does work well actually.

The idea is to use the bench as a lean.

You want to isolate the rear delts.

That’s what helps you improve the results with your shoulders, and it’s definitely well worth the results for sure.

“I needed to do some kind of side raise, of course you can do it with a dumbbell, but today I chose to go with the cable. It’s something I hadn’t done in a while.

“You can do those a couple of different ways, but I like to do it that old-school way and lean away from the machine, holding on and extending your body out. You got a little bit less gravity assistance when your body is leaning out, so you get more of a range of motion.”

Cable lateral raises

Aside from the other exercises, the Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine also includes the cable lateral raises.

You don’t want to pull as much weight as possible.

What you want to do is to push yourself to the limit and focus on your movements.

Stretching after the workout

The Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine may be over, but Cedric does focus on doing some stretches from time to time. The idea is to make sure that you stretch often, to ensure that your shoulders are rested and in full effect.

As you can see, the Cedric McMillan’s Shoulder Workout Routine is quite complex and comprehensive.

It’s a unique routine for sure, and one that does bring in front some astonishing benefits.

It’s safe to say that you should consider following this routine if you want to have some awesome shoulders.

Consistency and constant workouts are key here, so you may want to consider that as well!

“After training, sometime during the day, whether it’s in the morning or at night, I stretch for about an hour.

“About 5 years ago I started developing knee pain and I couldn’t figure out where this knee pain was coming from. I went and tried to get treatment for it and nothing could fix it.

“My deep tissue massage lady told me that it could be a lack of flexibility, cos’ all of these muscles are pulling in different directions and putting strain on my knee. So I started stretching everyday.

“It got to a point where stretching became meditation for me. Dealing with anxiety, you find different ways to manage the stress, so when I come and stretch, I work on breathing, relaxing my mind and body, taking in oxygen and making it circulate.”

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