Calum Von Moger Bicep Tear And Surgery needed

Calum Von Moger Bicep Tear And Surgery needed

Nowadays, some bodybuilders start doing extreme thing, to gain more likes and shares on their Instagram or Facebook page.

One of the most known bodybuilders Calum Von Moger “the young Arnold”, posted a video on his Instagram, where he appears to tear his biceps when he was trying to do a biceps curl with 400 Lbs with another person with a different body heigh.

Calum Von Moger wrote on the post:

“I really should have known better, I forgot to warm up properly and should have used #koalafreak pre from @staunch.nation instead of the stim free 🙄
Bicep: Pretty sure it’s a Grade 2 tear going off the web and the symptoms. Can Take up to 3 weeks before I’ll get strength back. I’ll try and see a specialist and get their opinion on it too. Note: Learn from my stupid mistakes! “

Calum Von Moger Requires Surgery to reattach his biceps

After his done a big mistake, now Calum Von moger after trying to do 400 Lbs curl, with another person with a different heigh, requires a surgery to reattach his biceps.

He wrote a post about this on Instagram:

My MRI results came in. I have a complete tear in the distal biceps tendon and will need surgery to reattach the tendon.
Thank you all for the endless support. I’ve received heaps of encouraging messages/emails/comments and i really appreciate them
Despite the setback I face, I’m very grateful each day to be living in LA, doing what I love and sharing that with you here.

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