Tom Hardy’s Upcoming Venom Diet And Workout Routine

Tom Hardy’s Upcoming Venom Diet And Workout Routine

Tom Hardy is very much in the public eye at the moment, especially amongst the females, it has to be said.

With his rugged good looks, his love of animals, and of course, his incredible acting talents, it’s easy to understand why Tom has worked with some of the best actors and directors over the years.

Another thing you will notice about Tom, is that he is very much a method-actor, in that he will really do whatever it takes to get himself ready for the role he is about to play.

When he played Bronson, a fierce British prisoner with a reputation for fighting, he packed on the muscle mass and followed more of a bulking phase.

In Warrior, where he played a MMA fighter, Tom packed on lean muscle while shedding body fat, leaving him more ripped and defined.

When he played Bane, in The Dark Knight Rises, he went for size and definition.

But what about Tom Hardy’s Venom workout routine and diet plan?

While it’s early days, we have seen footage of Tom training, and it has to be said, he looks to be on point. Here’s a look at what we believe Tom Hardy’s Venom workout routine and diet plan will look like.

Venom’s physique

First and foremost, Venom is not actually a person at all, it is an entity that takes over its host.

Tom therefore, is playing Eddie Brock – Venom’s first victim from the Marvel universe.

If you’re familiar with Eddie Brock/Venom 1.0, you’ll know that in the comic books, Eddie is a big guy with a chiselled jaw and huge deltoids and arms.

Eddie Brock is anything but small, so if Tom Hardy does want to become Eddie from the comics, he really will need to step up his training.

The likelihood however, is that Eddie/Venom will be smaller than in the comics, but still large and muscular enough to appear intimidating, much like Bane in the Batman movie.

Tom Hardy’s Workout routine

We don’t know for sure, but we have seen footage of Tom sparring.

It appears as if he is going through a training camp, much like a boxer before a fight.

This will likely consist of:

  • 2 hours of boxing sparring
  • 2 hours of kickboxing
  • 2 hours of strength training (5x5 heavy compound lifts preferred)

As you can see, that is a lot of exercise, so he will likely show up fairly ripped, with enough mass to hold his own on screen.

Tom Hardy’s Venom diet

Now we’ll look at what is likely to be his diet for the upcoming movie.

  1. 6 – 8 egg whites and a cup of oatmeal
  2. Lean red meat, mixed veggies, cottage cheese
  3. 2 grilled chicken breasts, brown rice, veggies
  4. Brown rice, tuna, a little mayo, green veggies
  5. A protein shake
  6. Grilled chicken breast and green beans
  7. A casein protein shake

Final Thoughts

As you know, when Tom Hardy prepares for a role, he prepares seriously.

For a character like Eddie Brock, who is known for being a big man, Tom will really be taking his physique seriously, so expect him to look better and better as the months go by.

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