Why Sleep is Important to Attain Your Goals

Why Sleep is Important to Attain Your Goals

Why Sleep is Important to Attain Your Goals!

Do you hit the gym hard every day but hit the sack late?

If that is the case, then something is getting between you and your desired health goals.

That something is adequate sleep.

Yes, sleep is that important. Inadequate sleep can negatively affect how you perform in the gym.

A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that people who do not get enough sleep tire easily, and anyone who has ever pumped iron knows that early exhaustion means minimal gains.

Insufficient sleeping time, according to Never Fear Failure, also slows down muscle recovery.

In addition, Never Fear Failure points out that lack of sleep can even add inches to your waistline.

So, if you are hitting the gym to get that lean and mean physique, you might as well kiss that slim figure goodbye.

The Significance of Sleep

Sleep is important due to a variety of reasons. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute informs that sleep prepares your brain for the next day by “forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information.”

In other words, you learn and recall information better when you get adequate sleep. Naturally, the opposite happens when you do not get enough snooze time.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute also claim that adequate sleep helps the body “fix” itself.

In particular, sleep helps the heart, blood vessels, and muscles heal and repair themselves. (Hardcore bodybuilders can relate to this fact.

They know how important muscle recovery is for big gains.)

But to fully highlight the importance of getting enough sleep, you need to consider what may happen to you if you fail to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis:

• You will have difficulty focusing
• Your ability to learn and make good, rational decisions will be impaired
• You will get tired easily
• Your creativity will suffer
• You will be prone to emotional outbursts and mood swings
• You increase your likelihood of obesity and cardiovascular diseases
• Your immune system weakens, making you susceptible to infections and illnesses

Why Sleep is Important to Attain Your Goals

Why Sleep Matters

There are multiple benefits when you regularly get enough sleep:

• You will learn new things more easily
• You are more likely to remember names, dates, and concepts
• You will be able to focus better and keep your emotions in check
• You will be more creative and in control
• Your immune system will be able to fight off all sorts of diseases
• Your body will be able to fix itself more effectively

Sleep and Your Fitness Goals

For the gym rat in you, getting adequate sleep will certainly help you achieve your fitness goals.

Healthline report that a good sleep is linked to improved concentration, productivity, and athletic performance.

As adequate sleep improves focus, which means that you can then better concentrate on your performance and make sure that every rep in every set is perfect.

A more focused you can also pay better attention to the finer details of a workout such as proper form and perfect timing.

In other words, you perform better at the gym when your focus is laser-sharp, and the right amount of sleep sets the tone for this kind of focus.

Moreover, getting enough sleep lets you work out harder and more frequently.

Since your muscles can heal and recover fully after a good night’s sleep, you can hit the gym hard the next day, confident that your muscles are ready to go through the strain and pain of your workout.

You can also ramp up the intensity and frequency of your workouts as you will have all the energy you need.

So, if you want pythons for biceps and that perfect V-shape torso, aim for at least eight hours of sleep as often as possible.

Just as important, consistently getting adequate sleep time means you will not get sick very often, and for workout warriors, the last thing you want is to get sick.

Simply, more workouts mean more gains; fewer workouts, less gains.

A Final Note

Fitness expert Jim White, in an interview with Leesa, sums up perfectly the importance of adequate sleep in one sentence: “You can’t get truly to a high level of fitness without enough sleep.”

So, whether your goal is to become physically fit, get all buff and beefed up, or lose weight, always remember to get in some good, solid workouts and a lot of sleep.

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