Shredded Guys Need To Know About Dating

9 Things Shredded Guys Need To Know About Dating

9 Things Shredded Guys Need To Know About Dating!

Being shredded comes with obvious benefits.

You look amazing, you’re disciplined as hell, and you know how to stay healthy.

What’s not to love?

Now you’re ready to get out there and date. Maybe you’re looking for someone a few years older; someone who can meet you on your level.

Like most things in life, you want to be informed.

To navigate it you’ll want to be prepared for what’s coming your way.

Your life isn’t conventional.

You don’t sit at a desk from 9 to 5, stare at the TV for a few hours, and go to bed.

You have obligations to yourself, set goals, and activities to plan for each week.

These things have to be considered when you’re dating someone.

You want to honor your commitments and be reasonable with your date.

Here are 10 things you need to know about dating so you can be successful in life and love.

1. Moods

There’s a certain anxiety that comes with skipping sessions, having a bad workout, or failing to get your nutrition right.

It’s too easy to take those sour moods out on your date without even realizing it.

If she’s not a lifter she won’t immediately understand it isn’t her.

Make sure you communicate what’s going on. Or don’t go out when you’ve had a rough session.

Conversely, it could work to your benefit to schedule dates soon after a good session.

Leverage the lifter’s high and go into the date jacked up on dopamine. It’s a great primer for success.

2. Sleep

When you’re dating someone new, intimacy is high.

Sharing a bedroom with her might include sleep, but less likely than if you were alone.

Studies have shown that sleep loss can have a significant effect on your lifting performance.

Be prepared to deal with that. Either with supplements, meal planning, or simply taking the hit. In the end, you may decide it’s worth it.


Shredded Guys Need To Know About Dating

3. Time

Since you spend most of your free time in a gym, you might not know where to find someone great.

You have options, of course.

You can ask around.

Do any of your friends know someone?

If that doesn’t work out, there are several online dating sites that cater to fitness enthusiasts.

There’s Fitness Singles, Sweatt, ATLETO, and this review of the best cougar dating sites if you are interested in women older than you.

Who knows, you may even find her in your gym.

4. Meals

Your meals are probably fixed. You may have a trainer planning your meals, or you know what you need to eat weeks in advance.

Either way, what goes into your body has to be considered in conjunction with your training.

That doesn’t mean you can’t go out for dinner, it just means you might need to plan.

Find a restaurant that fits into your schedule, use a cheat day if you have those, or cook at home.

Older women love that stuff.

They’re impressed by the thought put into cooking a homemade meal.

5. Money

Let’s get real for a second.

Lifting is expensive.

Food, supplements, membership fees, clothing and gear, training, and possible competition costs.

It adds up. If you’re doing it full-time, you’re working with meager sponsorship funds.

If you’re doing it on-the-side, you’re spending all your income on it.

But guess what- dating also costs money.

Dinners, activities, shows.

One solution is to date an older woman.

She’s independent and financially stable. Don’t expect her to shower you with money, but she can at least take care of herself.

The other solution is to take your date to a park, have a picnic, and hope she thinks it’s romantic.

Skylines are great backdrops for a candlelit dinner.

6. Clothes

This is probably obvious, but we’re going to mention it in case it isn’t.

Women dig pheromones. Scientists know this from having women smell sweaty t-shirts of men they’re attracted to.

Even so, social convention suggests you put on something snazzy for a date.

When you spend most of your time working through progressions, your income goes towards nutrition and health expenses.

If you’re ready to get out there and meet someone to share those chicken breasts with, consider investing in some button downs and nice pants.

There are things you can do to accentuating the muscle.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, size down.

Break up the mass with leading lines, especially horizontal ones.

Some bodybuilders can pull off slim-fits, but I wouldn’t count on it.

When in doubt, get it tailored.  

7. Schedules

Keeping your schedule in check is critical to the success of your goals.

You skip one leg day and your whole week feels off kilter.

You’ve messed up your recovery days, your supplement schedule, and your entire outlook on life.


But life isn’t rigid and neither is dating.

One of the challenges you’re going to face (and no doubt conquer) is finding ways to fit love into your schedule.

If you date someone who’s a weightlifter, awesome.

That makes it easy.

What’s sexier than a tandem squat date?

But if she’s not a gym rat, you may have to sit down and rework that schedule a little.

You need to make time for other important things in life.

Like, you know, sex and stuff.

For guys interested being a little more efficient with their timing check out these great places to meet older women.

8. Balance

You’ve already mastered balancing a barbell on your shoulders.

Now it’s time to master the delicate art of balancing life. It’s hard enough with the 20+ hours you spend in the gym (on top of your full-time job).

But love, like lifting, takes input to get output.

And, like lifting, the rewards are well worth the time you put in.

You may want to start by dating women who have a life of their own.

The strong, independent type.

A woman with a career or family obligations won’t be beating your door down demanding attention.

Over time, you’ll get better at balancing when to work, when to lift, when to eat, and when to play.

9. Differences

If you find a woman who’s into the lifting culture, this isn’t as much of an issue.

And older women fall into that category more than people realize.

The pressure placed on women to stay fit as they age is a perfect recipe for the “fit for life” lifestyle.

But you may end up dating someone who isn’t a lifter (yet).

Use your words cautiously around women who aren’t familiar with the culture, or lingo.

Before you know it, you’re taking her to your gym and saying things like, “that’s a great looking snatch.”

Despite being a compliment no matter the interpretation, she may be put off by it.

If you plan on introducing her to your world, ease her into it. Even better, let it be her idea.

Dating can be an exciting and invigorating experience.

It can challenge you in ways that will make you grow, and create avenues that you never thought existed.

Making small concessions is more than worth the reward.

You may meet interesting women, inspiring women, or sophisticated women.

You may even meet your swole mate and form the power couple you’ve always wanted.

Either way, you’ll have a great time and share some laughter along the way.

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