The Real Life Popeye

Matthias Schlitte: The Real Life Popeye

Matthias Schlitte: The Real Life Popeye!

This 29-year-old arm-wrestling champion has gained attention worldwide for his giant arm. 

A video has gone viral recently of a man with a gorilla-sized arm dominating arm-wrestling competitions. You’ve probably seen it.

The first thing that popped into our minds was a simple question: “which hand does he masterbate with?”. 

Okay, so that’s probably not what most of you thought. But you did ask yourself why one arm was bigger than the other.

For this reason, we went digging for answers and learned that he wasn’t munching cans of spinach…

His name: Matthias Schlitte.

Genetic Disorder

While Mattias’ arm is the result of a genetic bone disorder in his right arm; while it’s officially a ‘disorder’, it seems more like a gift, as he’s dominating arm wrestling competitions due to it.

He seems to agree, as he told Australia’s Yahoo Sport“I’m not a religious guy or anything but this was a gift from a higher power and this was my calling in life.” 

The media and countless people on social media have labelled Matthias Schlitte as the ‘real life Popeye’.

However, before that, he gave himself the nickname ‘Hellboy’, which he uses during arm wrestling competitions.

In case you wondered, Matthias’ right forearm measures up to 46cm; to put this into perspective, the average forearm size is around 35.5cm.

Arm Wrestling Champion

Born in Haldensleben, Germany, Matthias began competing in arm wrestling competitions in 2004, at the age of 16.

He was inspired by the film, ‘Over The Top’, featuring Sylvestre Stallone, wanting to become a successful arm wrestler himself.

At first, the much bigger competitors laughed at him; with the competition allowing people up to 90kg, the 65kg Matthias didn’t seem to stand a chance.

However, everyone quickly noticed that Matthias wasn’t just an average 16-year-old. And after walking away with the trophy, he gained enormous respect locally.

Motivated by his early success, Matthias set his sights on making a name for himself in the sport.

After 10 years of travelling the world and adding to his trophy collection, Matthias is now a minor celebrity, recently featuring in viral videos of himself in action.

We’ve added one of these videos below, so you can see for yourself:

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