5 Ways To Power Your Fitness Routine

5 Ways To Power Your Fitness Routine with Technology

5 Ways To Power Your Fitness Routine with Technology!

Leave the selfies and snap-chats to the kids, and use technology to power up your health and fitness routine instead.

Whether you’re looking to make exercise a daily habit or train for your first 5K, technology makes it easy to get ideas, follow experts, and stay on track!

1. Get Inspired!

Weary of trekking to an expensive studio and trying yoga for the first time in front of a bunch of strangers?

Forget about it!

Free online yoga tutorials, home workouts and fitness lessons can be streamed online using your computer, smart tv, tablet or smartphone.

Online workout channels like BodyPositiveYoga.com, GymRa, and CoralTV with Eva Redpath offer reasonable, effective workout routines led by energetic and inspiring women.

Whether it’s before you head to work in the morning, or a 20 minute session after the kids go to bed, exercising at home has never been easier.

2. Track Your Progress!

With wearable fitness devices and interactive apps, anyone can keep track of fitness goals, count calories, monitor weight, and log comprehensive fitness data (like the number of steps you complete in a day, your pace, heart rate and more).

FitBit and Bellabeat are popular wearable fitness devices that you can keep on your person throughout the day, while mobile fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and Cyclemeter can be downloaded to your smartphone or other mobile device.

Digital fitness journals propel your progress too, helping you monitor nutrition, moods, feelings, and habits.

This daily check-in in turn exposes what is working (yay, crushing calories!) and what is not (oh no, major lower back pain), so you can incorporate daily care routines to avoid setbacks and complement a fitness regimen.

Setting goals and tracking your progress transforms occasional exercise into routine physical fitness you feel confident about.

Fitness Routine with Technology

3. Power Your Diet!

A fitness routine is almost out of the question if your diet and overall health is out of order, especially during menopause.

Complementing exercise with a healthy diet is made easier with access to information and resources that inform healthy food choices.

Harvest (free for iOS): lets you know what fruits and veggies are in season and how to pick the best ones at the grocery store.

Fooducate (free for iOS and Android): educates you on the calorie and nutrient content of the foods you eat, and offers healthier alternatives to your indulgences.

Yummly (free for iOS and Android): helps you find healthy recipes for dishes tailored to your needs and tastes, i.e. gluten-free or vegan, and makes sure you have the nutritional information to go with each.

4. Harness Your Health!

Is poor overall health or back pain preventing you from staying active?

Sore muscles, chronic infections and seasonal allergies can make routine exercise seem even more daunting.

Promote physical and mental wellness with the assistance of digital apps like:

Sleep Cycle ($0.99 for iOS and Android): analyzes your sleep overtime and monitors signals to wake you at the best possible time and help you sleep better

HealthTap (free for iOS and Android): delivers fast and reliable answers to your health questions from real specialists, and you can pay for a virtual consult or video chat with a primary care doctor at any hour of the day.

Sickweather (free for iOS and Android): crowdsources important data about illnesses in your area, alerting you to outbreaks and contagious illnesses near you.

5. Stay Informed!

There are so many important reminders when it comes to establishing a fitness routine during menopause.

Experts recommend paying even closer attention to the way you work out and how much you eat, as a decline in estrogen levels directly affects metabolism, bone and muscle mass.

Online destinations like ScienceDaily and the National Institute on Aging offer pertinent and actionable information to help women over 50 get educated about menopause and find ways to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.

Use technology to connect with friends and family on social media too – social connectedness helps combat isolation, loneliness and depression that can be associated with aging and hormonal changes.

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