Eugen Sandow From 1894

Rare Video Of Eugen Sandow From 1894

Rare Video Of Eugen Sandow From 1894!

For those who don’t know who’s Eugen Sandow, this is a great video that will show you the father of bodybuilding posing more than 100 years ago!

Most of people today know who’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, as first people in bodybuilding.

However, even if this sport in not popular, but this was around for a real long time!

Eugen Sandow “the father of bodybuilding”

Eugen Sandow was the first man to publicly display his physique muscles in exhibitions.

Called The Father of Bodybuilding because he was the first man who exposed his body muscle in exhibitions, and also because he’s the first one who created a training guide.

He Become renowned for his aesthetic physique and strength in 1867, after winning the strongman competition in UK.

Also, Eugen Sandow is the guy in the Mr Olympia trophy.

In this video you’ll see how was the impressive Eugen physique, of course in 1894, even if he didn’t have much and developed workout equipment, supplements, and any related thing that we have in nowadays.

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