Phil Heath The Mr Olympia 2017

Phil Heath The Mr Olympia 2017

Phil Heath The Mr Olympia 2017!

It was a long wild week end that end up with plenty of upsets and victories.

The 37 years old Phil Heath won for the 7th time the title of Mr. Olympia 2017, after a great battle with the big ramy, who was really close to get the title.

The Mr Olympia 2017 Is:

The Top 10 Mr Olympia 2017:

  1. Phil Heath, $
  2. Big Ramy, $150.000
  3. William Bonac, $100.000
  4. Dexter jackson, $55.000
  5. Shawn Rhoden, $45.000
  6. Roelly Winklaar, $
  7. Nathan De Asha, $25.000
  8. Brandon Curry, $20.000
  9. Josh Lenartowicz $19.000
  10. Cedric McMillan

The 7th time Mr Olympia phil heath expresses his feelings after winning the title:

What an amazing feeling to be 7-Time Mr Olympia. I have too many people to thank but I’d like to acknowledge @[email protected]@[email protected]@c_beezy21 , my family, friends, sponsors and of course my true fans around the world. This moment shall always be my defining moment marking me as a big time champion but more importantly a man who loves the Lord and loves his people. I went through a huge amount of adversities this prep and I can’t share it all with you but know that without my faith and belief in myself, I would not have managed to come out victorious. Congrats to all of the competitors as they truly worked extremely hard, making last night legendary for all fans. Thank you again and it feels awesome to be in the company of greatness!!!!

But The Mr. O champ gots a lot of criticism from a lot of fans and followers

It seems that big Ramy was very close to Phil heath, and some people find it better that Phil

So, let see what Dennis james says about this:

Here is some videos of Mr Olympia 2017 show:

Big Ramy Posing routine:

Phil Heath posing routine:

So, What do you think about it?

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