Phenq Review

Phenq Review – Is PhenQ The Next Big Weight Loss Supplement?

Is PhenQ The Next Big Weight Loss Supplement?

We all struggle with our weight from time to time and unfortunately for some of us, it’s a little more frequent than “from time to time” which is why so many people tend to spend thousands on “health foods” and faddy diets that are only marginally effective because they literally force your body into starvation mode.

Fad diets and starvation are not the answer to weight loss, which then begs the question of what is?

Well, of course we all know that a healthy and balanced diet, a regular fitness regime, and a slight calorie deficit is a great place to begin, but what about if we perhaps need slightly more help than that?

Well, in events when we hit natural plateaus and perhaps require a little additional help, we can then make use of specially designed health supplements, supplements such as PhenQ.

PhenQ is a relatively new weight loss supplement which is taking the health and fitness world by storm, and rightfully so.

Many experts are touting it as the “next big weight loss supplement” and so to see whether PhenQ really is all that, we’ll now be providing a detailed PhenQ review.

What is PhenQ?

We’ll be beginning this PhenQ review by taking a look at exactly what PhenQ is. PhenQ is a ground breaking weight loss supplement from Bauer Group DMCC, who have been in this game for a heck of a long time.

Just in the same instances as other ‘phen’ supplements, the main idea behind PhenQ being created was to take a look at the potential reasons why people find themselves so prone to weight gain.

This is a highly evolved modern slimming formula that is designed to shed body fat, and fast.

What’s especially noteworthy is that PhenQ actually works like several weight loss supplements in one, because whereas other weight loss supplements work in one way, and one way only I.E reduce appetite, reduce cravings, boost metabolism etc, PhenQ actually addresses several aspects of weight loss, all in one.

What Are The Primary Ingredients?

One of the main benefits of this supplement, is the fact that the highly potent ingredients contained within are all-natural, meaning there is nothing artificial or lab-made, found in the pills.

These ingredients are all prepared to the highest of standards, with one “secret” ingredient in particular, looking especially effective.

That ingredient in question is referred to as “ALPHA-LACYS RESET” this is a proven scientific highly thermogenic formula which has been proven to substantially increase a person’s resting metabolism and therefore melt away stubborn body fat whilst providing substantial increases in energy in the process.

Some of the other main ingredients which make it so effective include: Niacin, L-Carnitine, Nopal cactus, piperine extract, capsicum extract, calcium carbonate, caffeine, and more besides.

Phenq Review

How does it work and what are the main benefits?

PhenQ works in a number of different ways to tackle the issue of weight loss, and indeed weight gain for that matter.

The a-LACYS RESET ingredient, for example, works as a powerful thermogenic agent which substantially increases your resting metabolism, allowing you to burn off way more calories and enjoy more energy as a result.

Not only that, however, but due to its molecular structure, it differentiates between fat and muscle, and so not only do you preserve lean muscle mass, but due to the increase in metabolism, you will actually gain lean muscle as well, particularly if you combine weight and resistance training with this supplement.

It isn’t just this secret fat-loss formula that makes PhenQ so effective, however, as studies have also found the other primary ingredients to be highly beneficial as well.

For example, it also contains a powerful blend of caffeine, piperine, niacin, and capsicum extract powders, which also have been found to boost the metabolism, mainly due to the fact that they help raise core body temperature.

There is also the added mental benefits that the ingredients provide, which can help get you into the right frame of mind to exercise, plus they can help increase mental focus and alertness, so you can better focus during your workouts, and therefore get more done in the process.

Even the calcium carbonate benefits you as it can communicate with fat cells and your body, and basically tell your body to not only store less fat, but to utilize more stored fat as a primary energy source.

The main benefits are:

  • It promotes lean muscle growth
  • Blocks fat production
  • Burns stored body fat
  • Naturally increases the metabolism
  • Enhances mood and mental focus
  • Increases energy levels
  • Suppresses appetite and prevents food cravings

Final Thoughts

And that just about brings our PhenQ review to a close, but before we do, here are a few thoughts from our perspective.

There are many weight loss supplements currently on the market, but none which can address all of the above in one swift movement, until now that is.

The ingredients contained in the supplement are all natural and have been proven to work time and time again.

Providing you use it as instructed and combine it with healthy eating and regular exercise, you will be amazed by what a difference PhenQ can make.

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