Rich Piana’s Girlfriend Explains How Rich Piana Died

Rich Piana’s Girlfriend Explains How Rich Piana Died!

How did Rich Piana Die?

Chanel Jansen, Rich Piana’s girlfriend spoke out on the final moments before Rich had collapsed and lost consciousness. It was an absolute shock to everyone in the bodybuilding industry.

Heartbroken she described in detail for the first time how the tragic bodybuilding superstar collapsed in her arms.

Rich Piana died three weeks later in hospital after failing to regain consciousness. Chanel shared a video on Piana’s YouTube channel in which she “clears up rumors” about the 46-year-old’s final days.

In a very sad and heart breaking video, she shared a detailed description of the moment that Rich collapsed as she trimmed his hair in their home’s bathroom.

“[Rich] said ‘I want you to cut my hair’. “He leaned forward and I thought he was stretching his neck so I could cut the back of his neck. “All of a sudden he started to fall back to me. I said ‘baby are you OK?’ “[It was] ten minutes before paramedics arrived. When they came in they said he was unresponsive. “They took him into the living room and worked on him for 20 minutes. They de-fibbed him to get him back and took him to hospital in an ambulance.”

Watch the video:

Chanel also cleared up all of the rumor regarding the “white powder” reportedly found in Rich’s house. Jansen said that it was only a pre-workout substance that Piana used to snort — not cocaine. And the fact that 20 bottles of steroids were found in Piana’s home was not unusual for the bodybuilder who was so open about his steroid use. Jansen said those 20 bottles might have lasted Rich all year.

Chanel cried when she spoke of holding Rich’s hand near the moment that he died and how she told the nurses to let her know when he was leaving this Earth.

R.I.P Rich we will miss you greatly NFF Team.

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