Benefits of Doing Squats with Weights

Benefits of Doing Squats with Weights

Benefits of Doing Squats with Weights!

Squats are amazing for a complete lower body workout.

They work excellently on most of the major muscle groups such as hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Squats are a versatile set of exercises.

The best thing about squats is they can be done anywhere and everywhere. You can use equipment if you want.

It can be done without using any equipment or weight.

There are many variations to squats and are very popular among many bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes.

The simple reason for their popularity is that they work.

Why Squatting Is So Important?

Squats are not only efficient and helpful in the construction of an insanely strong lower body, but also because they bring a number of additional physical benefits.

Improved hormone release and enhanced flexibility are a couple of results that can be achieved from squats.

Squats enhance core strength.

They are typically laden from top to bottom, in the form of barbell or dumbbell, or any other equipment, your core has to work tirelessly to avoid injury and maintain a decent posture.

If six-pack abs are what you desire then heavy complex exercises like squats should be essential.

For increased core strength you can also include front squats which include a barbell held in front of your body.

As mentioned earlier squats help greatly in enhancing the flexibility of your body.

Squats make you move your body through a full range of wave. By doing this you will boost your flexibility by some knots.

Squats reduce your chances of injury.

By improving the muscles that surround your knee and hips is a fast method to lessen your chances of injury while doing physical activities such as jumping, hopping, running etc.

The Benefits of Squats

Now, squats developing a stronger lower body seem like common sense and squatting assortments are vital for improving lower body strength.

Although many machine exercises might help you achieve certain goals assigned for your lower body, nothing works as good as squats.

Machine exercises kind of bound you to some limitations.

Whereas while you are squatting you are not sealed to any machines and that helps you to build stability and expose you to potential differences between your left and right side.

You can also work on single-leg squats, which will help you build you

stability on both the sides of your body.

Squats not only help you to build your leg muscles (calves, hamstrings) but they create an environment which is anabolic and promotes body-wide muscle building.

They are the best functional exercises, since us, human beings have been squatting since the days when we were hunter-gatherer or rather, in short, we can say since forever.

Functional exercises are those which help your body to perform real-life activities unlike simply being able to lift gym equipment.

You do not want to be just a gym freak

who cannot do anything else in the world, do you?

Surely, it’s a no.

The benefits of squats render into your body moving more proficiently.

As we all know, one of the most competent ways to burn more calories are building more mscles. Honestly, if you ask me, I did not believe this.

And brushed it aside thinking it was just a myth.

After all, how can you lose calories and still have bulky muscles?

But, for every pound of muscle you gain, your body burns 50-70 calories. Isn’t that awesome?

Now, if you gain 10 pounds of muscles, you will be burning 500-700 calories. Much more than you burnt before.

The stronger lower body makes sure that you have good mobility even when you grow old.

Squats tone your backside, abs, and entire body pretty well too.

It’s an exercise that serves well for multiple yearnings.

Moreover, it helps greatly in building muscles which participate in the regulation of glucose and lipids metabolism and insulin sensitivity, which consequently helps you fight against obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Squats, better buttocks and better heart! What could be more awesome than this?

Doesn’t it look like you can get it all if you get your squats right?

I think this should be a new motivational phrase in gyms.

They also increase the pumping of body fluids and aids in the removal of waste and delivers molecules of nutrition efficiently to all tissues, organs, and glands.

Also, help in good bowel movements.

Squats do no gender discrimination.

They are good to men as well as women. Women, did you not want to fit into that pair of skinny jeans and rock it like you were meant to?

Did you not want to wear a sleek, pencil skirt and turn heads towards you?

Let me tell you, go buy them and start squatting.

Do you really have any excuse not to now?

The different school of thoughts regarding squats:

As good an exercise squats are, it is not really free of the different school of thoughts.

Many believe that it can destroy your knees and make them weak.

The depth of squats is a heavily debated topic.

One school believes that you should only descend until your thighs are parallel to the floor, any deeper will gradually destroy your knee joints.

Other mocks any squat where your hamstrings don’t cozy up to your calves.

The fact is, it’s your back that matters and not your calves cozying up to your hamstrings or the parallelism of your thighs and the floor.

You should squat only until you can maintain your natural arch of the lower spine in your body, not an inch more.

While squatting you must be careful not to hurt your spines and in case, you are squatting with weights such as a barbell or dumb bell, you must be extra careful.

When the spinal cord levels out with heavy equipment across your shoulders, a large of amount of hydraulic pressure is enforced on the discs in your spine.

If this happens repetitively, it can lead to tissue damages and chronical back pain.

This also might result in hunchbacked dotage.

Not everyone can maintain their neutral spine structure and hit rock bottom.

Most people try to relax their arch while squatting, and also lack flexibility in their hip region, knees while doing deep squats.

The exercise police might try to exert many rules on how to do a squat but there isn’t just one rule that fits all.

Those who are tall or have long legs, the ratio of their upper body to the lower body might not be proportional and they might have to bend their neutral spine to an arch, to achieve a proper deep squat.

Now, everyone says “push yourselves”. But, think just for a second, do you really think the risks involved in deep squats are to be ignored in order to get a perfect round bottom?

The key is to squat yet, be careful to what your body speaks to you. Those who have Celtic hip are suggested to be away from deep squatting.

It is not suitable for them.

How deep your squats are not a very important question. Bending your knee perpendicular is enough to attain very high levels of muscular activity.

Healthy living and being awesome are of paramour interest for everybody.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s celebrate the benefits of squats, live healthily and achieve it all.



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