Alcohol and Bodybuilding

Alcohol and Bodybuilding – Everything You Need to Know

Alcohol and Bodybuilding!

Let’s face it, bodybuilding is very much a sport which places a huge emphasis on sacrifice, as in reality, bodybuilding isn’t so much a sport at all, but rather an entire lifestyle and a way of life.

For people who think that bodybuilding is simply about spending an hour or so in the gym a few times each week, the reality of things is very different indeed.

Bodybuilders constantly have to watch not only what they eat, but when they eat as well.

They can’t simply head out to the club with their friends, or for a meal whenever they like, especially if they’re training for a competition.

Even what they drink has a huge effect on their physiques, particularly where alcohol is concerned.

Unfortunately, alcohol and bodybuilding just do not go together, as alcohol is extremely detrimental not only to a person’s physique, but also to their training as well.

Generally speaking, alcohol and bodybuilding should be kept as far away from each other as possible, and here’s a look at why that is.

Empty calories

When we talk about empty calories, alcohol is probably one of the finest examples of empty calories we could ever wish for.

When we eat food, the food of course contains calories, which are units of energy that fuel our bodies.

These calories, however, are predominantly found in vital micronutrients which are: protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Even when we eat a double cheeseburger and fries, the calories, as unhealthy as they are, still help us to meet our macronutrient goals as the foods contain proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates, which our bodies need.

Alcohol however, contains twice as many calories as proteins and carbohydrates, and offers very little in return.

On top of that, as it is in liquid form, the calories are absorbed quickly, which can lead to increases in body fat storage.

Alcohol contains twice as many calories, so we consume more, and very little nutritional value in the process.

Organ Damage

Bodybuilders, for the most part at least, are relatively healthy individuals, especially natural bodybuilders, as they exercise regularly, and eat healthy produce in the process.

Alcohol, however, is quite literally a poison and so consuming it regularly will basically poison your body and help damage your organs as they try to filter it from your system.

Alcohol has also been found to eat away at, and damage the lining of the stomach, which will mean you absorb less nutrients, and fail to digest your food correctly.

As bodybuilding is all about meeting daily macro requirements, failing to absorb and digest food properly is simply not an option, so unfortunately regular alcohol consumption will have to stop pretty quickly if you wish to get the most out of your diet and training.

Reduced testosterone levels

Testosterone is the hormone which plays a vital role in a person’s muscle mass, muscle strength, muscle size, definition, athletic ability, recovery rates, and much more besides, so obviously the more testosterone there is, the better.

This is why some bodybuilders choose to inject themselves with testosterone, and why testosterone boosting natural supplements are proving so incredibly popular.

The last thing you want to do, has reduced the amounts of testosterone in your body, and suppress the amount of testosterone that your body can naturally synthesize.

Unfortunately, however, alcohol is a proven testosterone suppressor and has been found to drastically reduce natural testosterone levels.

Low testosterone means less muscle, less energy, less strength, and less effective workouts in the process.

As far as alcohol and bodybuilding are concerned, the fact that alcohol has such a negative impact on a person’s testosterone levels is a pretty clear indication that it should be avoided.

Loose inhibitions

Another very negative downside associated with alcohol is the fact that it has been found to loosen and reduce a person’s inhibitions, which, to party goers and young adults, may sound like a good thing, to a focused, motivated, and dedicated bodybuilder trying to stick to a pretty bland diet and gruelling training regime, alcohol is the last thing they need.

If you consume alcohol, the more you consume, the more you begin to lose your inhibitions.

Whereas before you drank any booze, the thought of cheating on your diet and eating copious amounts of junk food may have disgusted you, all of a sudden, in your newly intoxicated state, a pizza and cookies will seem incredibly appealing and, due to a lack of proper judgement, you may decide to just cheat on your diet and go on an all-out alcohol induced binge eating feast.


Have you ever experienced a hangover?

If you have, you know that they’re pretty awful.

When you wake up hung over, after a long night of partying, not only will you be tired due to a lack of sleep, you will also feel extremely ill, meaning that the last thing you will want to be doing is training in the gym and eating extra clean meals.

Instead, what you would much rather do is laze around the house all day, eating junk and watching TV.

The older we get, the harder it becomes to recover from a hangover as well, so one night of drinking may cost you two days of training.

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