Women’s Workout Routine

4 Week Women’s Workout Routine – The Ultimate Fat Loss Fitness Plan

4 Week Women’s Workout Routine – The Ultimate Fat Loss Fitness Plan

Even though many of us are now in the midst of summer, it’s never too late to get working on our bikini bodies and if we’re truly dedicated to finally getting the summertime, or even the wintertime for that matter, body that we’ve always dreamed of, we’ll need to ensure that not only are we eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of sleep, but that we’re also getting enough exercise.

Not only is exercise in general very important, it is the type of exercise that we’re getting that many consider to be most crucial.

For example, for people trying to build muscle, spending each workout running on the treadmill and performing cardio is obviously not going to get them where they want to be.

What they should be doing is instead combining cardio with plenty of weight and resistance-based exercises.

If you read most generic women’s gossip magazines, you’ll see them loaded full of woman workout routine plans that they swear will allow them to burn fat in a matter of weeks, possibly days.

In reality, these routines are faddy, they aren’t productive, and they’re often far too generic.

If you’re serious about getting the body of your dreams, take a look at this women workout routine plan that you can follow over the course of 4 weeks to help you not only burn fat, but to get fitter and tone up in the process.

The Workout

For the next 4 weeks, you will follow this Womens workout routine listed below, doing the same exercises and movements with each training session.

The only thing that will change from week to week will be the volume and pace, which we’ll cover in great detail. In the meantime, however, here’s the workout.

You will perform 3 workouts each week and you can include 2 cardio sessions if you like, but on separate days.

  • Dumbbell incline press
  • Triceps rope pushdowns
  • Seated cable rows
  • Leg press
  • Walking lunges
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Hammer curls
  • Dumbbell lateral raises

Week 1

This week, you will perform 3 working sets of each exercise before moving onto the next.

Working with each set, you will be performing 12 – 15 reps, with 30 seconds of rest in-between each set.

The weight you choose should allow you to complete at least 12 reps, though towards the end it should become pretty difficult.

If it feels too easier, go slightly heavier.

Week 2

During this week, you will once again stick with working sets for each exercise, although this time you will be looking to complete 15 – 20 repetitions for each working set.

Not only this, but instead of resting for 30 seconds, you will only rest for 15 seconds instead, so by the end of each set you should be feeling pretty spent, and that’s the idea.

Working in this way allows you to burn more calories because you’re pushing your body so hard without giving it much time to recover.

Your stamina and fitness levels will also benefit substantially.

Week 3

Now things get altered slightly because instead of completing straight sets I.E 3 sets of dumbbell press, 3 sets of triceps pushdowns etc., you will instead complete a circuit-type workout instead.

That means you will complete just 1 working set for each exercise, of 15 – 20 reps and then go straight onto the next exercise, and so on.

You will complete 3 sets of each exercise in total, so for example, you will perform 1 set of dumbbell chest press, 1 set of triceps push downs, 1 set of seated cable rows etc., until you finish with dumbbell lateral raises.

That will be 1 round.

You will then rest for a minute and complete two more rounds.

Week 4

Again, you will be sticking with the circuit training style and will only change the number of reps you perform.

This time, instead of 15 – 20 reps per set, you will be performing 12 – 15 reps per set.

On top of this, you will add an additional circuit so instead of 3 circuits, you will perform 4 circuits instead.

What’s more however, not only will you be performing an extra circuit, in between each circuit, instead of resting for one minute, you instead rest for 0 minutes.

Nope, that’s not a type, you really will rest for zero minutes between each circuit so basically once you finish one circuit, you immediately move onto the next one.

Between each exercise you may rest for 15 seconds, however, but that is all.


As mentioned, you will perform the above workout 3 times each week, as for which days, that doesn’t matter too much, as long as they aren’t all together I.E Mon, Tues Weds.

On top of these lifting days, you are also permitted to include cardio if you wish, although truthfully you probably will not require it as you will be burning off so many calories during the workouts.

If you do feel the need to include cardio however, keep it to just 2 days per week, and don’t tire yourself out because you will need plenty of energy to get you through the workouts listed above.

You can check more on: womenfitness.org

And Here is some workout videos to follow:

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