Rich Piana is Alive and OK Says His Girlfriend

RICH PIANA UPDATE 2: Rich Piana is Alive and OK Says His Girlfriend

RICH PIANA UPDATE 2: Rich Piana is Alive and OK Says His Girlfriend!

Reported last week, bodybuilder Rich Piana was put into a medically induced coma after suffering from a medical emergency in his home in Florida.

Piana had suddenly collapsed and hit his head very hard while he was getting a haircut from his girlfriend.

At this point it is still unclear as to why he had a sudden collapse in the bathroom.

Recently his girlfriend Chanel Jansen said:

“He is alive, He is ok.”

Chanel thanked the fans on Instagram for ‘continued support’ and asked to ‘stay patient and respectful’:

“The world wide outpouring to send rich voicemails and messages to have played or read to him is overwhelming!”

“We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support during this time.”

“To those who have been so respectful and come to his defense when others have been disgusting excuses for human beings -THANK YOU!”

“The only update I’m permitted to give at this time is that he is alive, he is ok, and the excellent medical professionals here as well as myself and his close loved ones are doing all we can to get him back to a full recovery.”

“Please continue to remain patient and respectful.”

“This is a very stressful time for Rich and everyone around him so please understand if we’re quiet it’s with good reason.”

In a previous post on her Instagram she also said:

‘5 Percent Nutrition’ allow supporters and fans to leave positive vibes, well wishes, prayers for Rich to hear upon his recovery.

See the link below for more information:

You can leave him a message, well wishes, prayers at 855-845-4982.

Again the NFF team wishes Rich Piana the best in his recovery.

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