How Many Meals Should You Eat a Day

How Many Meals Should You Eat a Day?

How Many Meals Should You Eat a Day?

Meal frequency is one of the many popular tweaks often recommended to people who want to lose weight and burn body fat.

But does it really work?

We are going to give you an overview of what we think about this popular method and its possible benefits in this article.

One of the most popular recommendations is to eat 6 meals a day.

The belief behind this is that your digestive system will continue to work throughout the day.

This will supposedly cause your metabolism to speed up burning more body fat and keeping you feeling fuller.

If you wait to long between meals than you put yourself at risk of slowing down your metabolism.

The Reality Of Metabolic Rate

Eating more frequently does cause more bodily activity however….

In research of eating more meals to increase your metabolism it was found that eating more frequently to increase your metabolism just isn’t true.

The overall conclusion of studies done on meal frequency found that your total food intake was the only thing that mattered at the end of the day.

In 2009 a review on 25 studies done on meal frequency found there to be no association between eating frequency and weight loss.

Another study conducted in 2012 on metabolism and the difference between eating 3 meals a day compared to 14 meals found; no difference in resting metabolic rates within a 24 hour analysis.

Effects On Digestion

As far as digestion goes; a study that measured the thermic affects of food and the amount of energy it took to digest the food showed no difference with meal frequency.

The only thing that made a change to the thermic rate at which your body digests food at is the size of the meal you eat.

Larger meals require more energy in order to break the food down.

The Verdict

How many meals should you eat a day?

It should always be your mail goal to eat a healthy diet and tracking your caloric intake.

With proper exercise you will be able to burn body fat and build muscle.

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Whether you choose to meet your goals eating 2, 3, or even 6 meals a day that is completely up to you.

There are some studies that have shown the more meals throughout the day have been able to suppress ones appetite.

While others show no direct link at all.

Here is an awesome example below:

It is completely up to your own personal preference.

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