Amino Energy Café Series

Optimum Nutrition’s New Amino Energy Café Series!

Optimum Nutrition’s New Amino Energy Café Series!

Optimum Nutrition released their new essential amino flavors and they’re down right delicious!

Not only do they give you your branch chain amino acids; which help in muscle recovery, but they taste amazing in coffee!

Who would have thought the time would come where you could add BCAA’s into coffee!

What Flavors Do They Have In The Café Series?

The flavors that are currently available right now are:

  1. Caramel Macchiato
  2. Iced Café Vanilla
  3. Iced Chai Tea Latte
  4. Iced Mocha Cappuccino

We cannot give you a favorite flavor as we have not tried all of them yet, but continue reading further where we talk about a flavor we have tried that sparked out interest to make this article!

What Is So Special About The Café Series?

Besides the fact that you can add these flavors to your morning coffee to spice it up a bit; they offer a very good energy boost, and can be used as a pre-workout.

Every two scoops of any flavor gives you 160 mg of caffeine along with you BCAA’s.

The caffeine in these amino’s are derived from green tea and green coffee bean extract.

This is known as their energy blend and it works perfectly!

Our Review!

We have only had a chance to try the delicious Iced Café Vanilla flavor and it has definitely sparked out interest into these products.

First we tried the two scoop blend in water which tasted great, but when we mixed it with our black coffee it was even better.

Drinking the amino café blend before a workout made a world of difference with training and energy.

It’s not like the traditional boost some stronger pre-workouts might give you.

These café amino’s give you the perfect amount of energy and no crash.

Our Score

Taste: We would rate in water as a 7/10 but in coffee 10/10

Price: You definitely get your moneys worth for only $30 Canadian for 30 servings.

Mixture: When mixing with black coffee all of the amino’s dissolve leaving no annoying clumps.

Energy: The energy blend is a solid 10/10 for this product.

We highly recommend that you check these products out if you are a regular coffee drinker looking for an extra energy and amino boost!

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