Multivitamins As Beneficial As You Think

Are Multivitamins As Beneficial As You Think?

Are Multivitamins As Beneficial As You Think?

Multivitamins are a mainstream supplement in peoples personal supplement regimen. But after looking at some research and findings into multivitamins they don’t seem to be good at all.

Actually it seems to be that multivitamins don’t do anything for you.

In the United States every 1 out of 3 adults take multivitamin supplements creating a very large industry to make lots of money. Even though people use multivitamins they don’t truly understand the actual benefits they supposedly come with.

The common belief is that taking multivitamin will improve your health. This is because it is providing your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs.

The supplement industry is making incredibly large amounts of money from this.

The Research Into Multivitamins

Evidence has shown that multivitamins don’t actually do much at all.

An article that had done research on 91,074 people found that across the the 21 studies done on the group taking multivitamins had no impact at all on their ability to live longer.

A 2006 systematic review of 20 articles in the annal of internal medicine found that there is not enough proof that multivitamins are beneficial to the body in any way. They don’t see to be beneficial in the aspect of preventing cancer, chronic disease or other malnourished based diseases.

Research also suggests that multivitamins do not improve cognitive function or prevent respiratory tract infections.

Why Don’t Multivitamins Work?

Vitamins and minerals are vital to the body in order to help it function optimally, but they are only necessary if you have deficiencies.

A lot of times people think they have deficiencies in certain vitamins but they don’t.

There are more common vitamin deficiencies that people have are vitamin D, vitamin K, iron, zinc, and magnesium deficiencies.

The problem with multivitamins and these common deficiencies is that, even supplementing with a multivitamin you would not be able to get enough to cover the deficiency’s, and make a difference.

For example the optimal amount of vitamin D is 1 to 2 thousand international units, but multivitamins only have about 400 iu’s.

Some multivitamins even have cheaply made minerals that aren’t absorbed fully in the body, rendering them completely useless.

What The Better Alternative Is!

If you are lacking in a certain mineral than the better thing to do is to supplement with that specific mineral only.

For example; if you are lacking in zinc, then supplement with a zinc only mineral supplement or even a ZMA supplement.

Also as you age, multivitamins become more beneficial because mineral deficiencies are greater the older you get.

So don’t fall victim to the multivitamin craze. If you suspect you are deficient in a certain mineral than try supplementing with it and a great place to get all the top vitamins and minerals is at Vitamin Shoppe. Right now MyDealsClub has coupons to save 20 to 40% on many of the top products available there.

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