A Conor McGregor Look Alike

A Conor McGregor Look Alike Takes To The Streets And Pranks UFC Fans

A Conor McGregor Look Alike Takes To The Streets And Pranks UFC Fans!

Conor McGregor made an appearance at the famed Muscle Beach in Venice recently for a quick workout before his famed boxing match with Floyd Mayweather — or so fans thought.

A thicker and taller street Russian workout athlete named Islam Badurgov from Kazakhstan fooled many fans into thinking he was actually McGregor thanks in part to his chest tattoos, thick accent, and camera-handling entourage. The dude is jacked.

He’s much larger than the 155-pound Conor McGregor, that didn’t stop Badurgov from pulling off an epic prank in L.A. Badurgov also runs his own YouTube channel where he pulls of other funny pranks.

During the prank he was accompanied by his camera crew and rolled up to the famed Muscle Beach in Venice disguised as McGregor. Badurgov had the haircut, facial hair and, of course, the tattoos to look like McGregor. It didn’t make a difference that he’s way more jacked than McGregor, the prank worked to perfection.

Fans would constantly go up to Badurgov asking for photos. People honestly thought that they were seeing Conor McGregor.

He even had McGregor’s walk down perfectly. He must have been practicing this for some time.

It’s pretty impressive what a difference a good pair of shades will do to turn someone into McGregor. Pre-sunglasses:

Via FitnessVolt.com

Warning: The video contains adult language.

McGregor will fight Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas.

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