WATCH: Strength Wars, Powerlifter VS Bodybuilder

Powerlifter VS Bodybuilder

WATCH: Strength Wars, Powerlifter VS Bodybuilder!

Watch as a powerlifter faces off against a bodybuilder in the most recent competition in Strength Wars.

Powerlifter known as “The Faceless” gets challenged by Bodybuilder Phil Bane in the STRENGTH WARS!

The face of in the following exercises:

  • BENCH PRESS 170kg / 374lbs 10 reps
  • PRESS BEHIND NECK 100kg / 220lbs 15 reps
  • DEADLIFT 200kg / 440lbs 15 reps

This compound movements are a pure test of strength.

Powerlifters build their body around strength trying to lift as much weight within a 6 rep range.

Both athlete have these three exercises in their routines, but who is the strongest?

Bodybuilders on the other hand focus more on building muscle.

Even though on athlete may look bigger than the other their might be more than meets the eye.

See the video below:

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