Rich Piana Released Audio Recording

Rich Piana Released Audio Recording And Apology Video

Rich Piana Released Audio Recording And Apology Video!

Recently a 10 year old audio/video recording was been released of 5% owner Rich Piana saying some very racist comments.

The recording was reported to be released by Mark Trucc the same man who sucker punch Rich at the LA Fit Expo this year.

There have also been reports that his ex wife has released the tape but this is not confirmed either.

The phone call is Rich Piana talking to an ex-girlfriend named ‘Amy’ about hugging her Black friend at the gym.

Some very bad things are said in the video/audio recording, check it out below:

The recording starts at the 1:50 mark into the video

It the audio recording is sounds exactly like Rich and when he found out about the recording he released a video.

24 hours after the video was online, Rich Piana made an apology video taking ownership of the situation:

Do you feel his apology is sincere? It is uncertain how this is going to effect him, what do you guy’s think?

Also below is Lee Priest’s response about Rich’s apology video:

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