How To Stay Ahead and Alert at Your Job

How To Stay Ahead and Alert at Your Job

How To Stay Ahead and Alert at Your Job!

The structure of work is something that the majority of us rely on in order to stay organized and on top of our tasks. Demanding and hectic schedules, however, can lead to a lack of productivity and a dent in one’s normal routine. Keeping fit and staying focused for long periods of time can be hard work, and it’s easy for one’s physical and mental well-being to slip down the list of priorities.

But looking after our physical and mental health should be a main priority as it affects all aspects of life, both at home and especially at work. Feel like you need a boost to get back on track at your job? Here are some of our top tips to keeping fit and staying ahead in the workplace.

Start the day right.

Unless you work from home, your weekday work routine involves some form of travel or camping. Getting to and from work probably has to be done at a certain time of day, every day. A few small tweaks to your commute can give you a huge boost of mental and physical energy. Cycling to work, for example, is a great way to burn some calories and kick up your energy in the morning, meaning you’ll feel less tired and sluggish by the time you enter the office. Another option is walking to work. Although it may take longer, a brisk walk to work will get your blood flowing and clear your mind before you start your day. Try parking further away or getting off the bus one stop earlier to get in a few minutes of short exercise. Giving yourself some fresh air before a long day indoors is a fantastic way to stay alert, relaxed, and energized.

Enjoy your coffee, but not too much.

Just like everything else, coffee is good for you in small amounts. In the modern workplace, however, coffee is the number one substance that keeps workers alert. Coffee may make you feel great in short bursts, but in the long run it can make you irritable, unfocused, and groggy. If you suffer with high blood pressure and have a sedentary job, high caffeine intake can have an even greater negative effect on your health. A well-timed coffee can be beneficial, like an hour before exercise or a work presentation. Let 1-2 cups of coffee a day give you a mental boost, but remember the negative effects of any further caffeine intake.

Make small changes to stay fit.

If your day job is relatively sedentary, it’s incredibly important to get in some movement during your day. Sitting for long periods of time over many years can cause serious health problems. The good news is that you can get in small moments of exercise throughout your day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Eat lunch early and use your lunch break to take a short jog around the block. Make sure to get up every hour to stretch your body. And when you take a short snack or bathroom break, make it a screen-free pause for your brain! Constant screen time is bad for your eyes and concentration.   

Use your colleagues to stay motivated.

It’s difficult or even impossible to keep yourself motivated at all times. Feeling uninspired? Ask a colleague to take a walk with you to talk about what’s going on. You’d be surprised how receptive coworkers are to working together! Try and meet with your teammates for lunch every so often, or go play a game of tennis together. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and who you feel comfortable with is great for office morale and will keep you motivated in the long run.

Brain boosters all the way.

Depending on your goals in the workplace, there are a number of different types of neuro-enhancers you can look into for that extra brain boost. Focus and attention nootropic enhancers will help you block out any distractions that may be preventing you from completing the task at hand. They can be especially helpful if you’ve had a slow start to the day or a deadline fast approaching. Nootropic supplements can also help with memory retention and learning, leading you to improve your capability to develop solutions to problems. Keep your edge at work and make multitasking a thing of the past with a little extra help from some brain boosting supplements.

Stay hydrated.

This is one of those health tips that you’ve been told many times, but it really can’t be emphasized enough. Being dehydrated can make you sluggish and tired, but it also affects your mind—concentration, reaction time, learning, and memory retention are all symptoms of dehydration. Aim to drink around 2 to 3 liters of water per day at work. If you’re getting bored with plain water, add some lemon, cucumbers, or even sweet fruits like watermelon and strawberries to the mix. In just a few days, you’ll feel yourself staying alert and focused throughout the entire day. Drinking water not only hydrates you but maintains the balance of body fluids, improves skin, energizes you, improves concentration, helps control your calories, and contributes towards good digestion and gut health.

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