Where Did Palumboism Originate From

Where Did Palumboism Originate From?

Where Did Palumboism Originate From?

Bodybuilding is a very strange sport and along with it come some strange things.

One of these strange things or conditions is called Palumboism.

Palumboism is a condition that is primarily among bodybuilders and is named after a bodybuilder named Dave Palumbo.

This condition refers to a large protruding and disproportional gut which also makes the limbs extremities look small.

What Causes Palumboism?

Palumboism is caused by either excessive amounts of Growth Hormone or Insulin.

Growth Hormone or GH often causes the internal organs to grow which can result in the protruding gut.

Other causes of palumboism are excessive growth of the abdominal wall due to GH use or digestive slowing which is caused by carb-loading incorrectly.

Some people refer to palumboism as GH gut because of it being a big symptom of GH over usage.

Cases of Palumboism In Bodybuilding

Markus Ruhl

Markus Ruhl who was a monstrous bodybuilder during his time of competing developed palumboism.

His waist size grew to 96 cm or 38 inches in radius.

King Kamali

Another bodybuilder named King Kamali also developed palumboism during his bodybuilding career.

During his off-season he weighed around 310 lbs and his contest weight was 255lbs.

Greg Kovacs

Greg was a 1996 Canadian National Championship bodybuilder.

He weighed 330lbs during his contest weight and off-season he weighed 410lbs.

Greg developed palumboism most likely due to his heavy drug use.

Big Lenny

Big Lenny is one of the most notable bodybuilders today with palumboism.

He stars on a YouTube channel called the delray misfits quite frequently.

Check out “Big Lenny Has The Strongest Core In The World”

Below are some Myths, Facts, and Assumptions regarding Palumboism:

Myth 1. Palumboism is a disease.

Fact 1. This idea does not have any scientific evidence and is grounded on few examples.

Assumption 1. Palumboism is a speculation.

Myth 2. Palumboism is caused only by growth hormone, insulin, and steroids.

Fact 2. In professional bodybuilding, athletes take roughly equal dosages of HGH, insulin, and steroids, but there are only a few of them who have palumboism

Assumption 2.  Palumboism, if it exists at all, is a genetically caused response to effects of some drugs.

Myth 3. Palumboism is a common problem in bodybuilding.

Fact 3. There are only few examples of palumboism.

Assumption 3. The photos of Dave Palumbo, which are used to illustrate palumboism, were made during a guest posing, when Dave had already finished his career, so the illustrations of his awful physique are not representative.

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