Watch As Top Classic Bodybuilders Explain The Truth About Steroids

Classic Bodybuilders Explain The Truth About Steroids

Watch As Top Classic Bodybuilders Explain The Truth About Steroids!

We hate to break it to you but steroids have been involved in bodybuilding for a while. Even though these professional bodybuilding athletes use performance enhancing drugs they still need to put in the hard work and dedication.

Steroids are only a component to what they can achieve with their physiques. Diet and intense training are still a very large portion of the mixture in order to build what some of these guys have on their body’s.Steroids are illegal to use some countries around the World, and in those countries it is till a widely used drug in almost all sports. Other professional sports such as the NFL, wrestling, and other have individuals within them who are taking performance enhancing drugs to give them an edge on their opponent’s.

Back to the sport of bodybuilding, steroids are mostly used at the professional level and are accepted by the fans and industry. However something that you may never see is the bodybuilders who are using them confessing about their usage. Bodybuilders such as Rich Piana who do not compete but are internet famous openly talk about their past and present steroid use in order to education others who want to use them the right way.

Watch the video below where some classic bodybuilder such as Arnold, Platz, and ferrigno talk about steroid use:

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