The Real Body Fat Percentage

WATCH: The Real Body Fat Percentage Examples

The Real Body Fat Percentage Examples!

Your body fat percentage also known as BFP is a measurement of how much body fat you have on your body.

The lower the percentage of body fat the leaner you look.

Typically men in their mid 20’s average around 25-30% body fat.

Traditionally people will use a body fat percentage calculation to find out how much body fat they have.

However this does not provide a very accurate reading.

Depending on how much muscle you have on your physique a low percentage of just 10-15% can show abdominal details.

In this article we have linked a video that provides perfect examples of some of the top individuals in the fitness industry and their body fat percentages.

These individuals have had their body fat percentage professionally tested using a process called DXA or Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.

The main focus of this video is to show people visual examples of what certain body fat percentages actually look like on a physique.

Obviously certain individuals have more muscle mass than others but the level of detail and leanness to their physique’s change when the percentage changes.

Have a look for yourself in the video below:

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