Old Clip Of Rich Piana Volunteering To Knock A Guy Out

Rich Piana Volunteering To Knock A Guy Out!

Rich Piana is known for his videos and tattooed covered physique.

But he never use to look like that.

Rich use to look like an average bodybuilder and wasn’t over killing it with his muscle size.

The Video

This old clip is from a tv show that displayed extraordinary people who were able to do some pretty crazy things.

Rich Piana before all of that tattoos and  massive muscular gains stared on the show as a volunteer.

His job in this episode was to try and knock an individual out using his strength.

The individual apparently has a very unique ability to withstand blows to his body without being harmed.

Rich Piana looking very strong was unsuccessful in causing the individual to fall to the ground even after throwing heavy blows to his body.

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