Jay Cutler Talks About Pre-Workout Meal

Jay Cutler Talks About Pre-Workout Meal and Chest Training

Jay Cutler Talks About Pre-Workout Meal and Chest Training!

Jay Cutler is a 4x Mr Olympia bodybuilder and a businessman. He has a lot of experience under his belt when it comes to diet and nutrition. Jay’s workouts have always been very intense and exhausting leading up to his competitions. He is now retired from competing but he still provides his two sense when it comes to the sport to help others.

Pre-Workout Meal Timing!

Jay says that the body needs time in order to digest your food before working out. Eating immediately before you train can cause low energy levels making you feel sluggish. This is because of your energy being directed to food digestion. You want to have your full energy when working out because you want to maximized on your lifts to build muscle.

It is recommended that you eat your pre-workout meal at least 60 minutes to 90 minutes before you start your workout to avoid feeling tired. Jay also recommends that eating cleaner, faster digesting proteins and carbs before your workout will also speed up digestion and absorption aiding in the recover process afterwards.

Boosting Your Chest Training!

Jay Cutler has always had a very thick built chest. He preaches that doing your flyes in between chest presses will help to built a thick sculpted chest look.

The reason flyes are such a great tool is because they stretch and fill the chest with blood. If you do them in between each press movement  you will pump your chest with more blood helping your strength throughout your workout (This will also give you a pump). He explains that dumbbell flyes and cable crossovers are usually known as finishing movements because they don’t involve a lot of weight.

Jay says:

“All the various exercises for chest are important, because you can’t get complete development without working it from all the different angles”

Mixing up your fly and chest press exercises can be effective at boosting your chest routine.

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