Evan Centopani Talks About His Injury & Life

Evan Centopani Talks About His Injury & Life

Evan Centopani Talks About His Injury & Life!

In the video linked at the bottom of the article, DaveMadMax6 from Muscle Insider discusses with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Evan Centopani his knee injury!

There have been lots of rumors circulating about Evan as to why he is not going to compete in the New York Pro this year.

The truth behind the matter is Evan was going to compete in the New York Pro and was getting ready to start his prep for the show.

Around 16 weeks out from the show Evan sustained a knee injury that required a very long recover time.

Evan was walking to his car when a patch of ice caught him off guard.

Falling to the ground he ripped the tendon right off of his knee cap requiring surgery.

He was unable to walk for 9 to 10 weeks after his surgery.

Even 4 week after being released from the hospital Evan was still unable to do anything because of the pain.


Evan was not able to train for an extreme length of time taking a mental toll on him.

See the video below where Evan clears up the rumors about his absence.

He goes in depth on how he sustained his knee injury and it wasn’t in the gym!

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