Bodybuilding Coach Shot Tanning Expert

Bodybuilding Coach Shot Tanning Expert Over Bad Fake Tan Job

Bodybuilding Coach Shot Tanning Expert Over Bad Fake Tan Job!

During the International West-German Bodybuilding Championship in the town of Rheinbach a bodybuilder named Sascha L. was competing.

His cousin Dennis K. who was 35 years old was his coach.

When Dennis saw his cousin on stage and his tan looked like it was leaking all over his muscles.

This made Dennis very angry and put the blame on a man named Alexander D. who was the one who applied that fake tan on the bodybuilders.

After the bodybuilding show had finished and Sascha did not win, Dennis waited in some bushes outside with a gun in his hand for Alexander D. to come out of the building.

When Alexander D came out of the building, Dennis then shot him hitting his stomach where his liver and kidneys were located.

Alexander D. was rushed to the hospital requiring an emergency operation.

Dennis K. denied having shot the victim on purpose.

He said we was only waiting in front of the building for his bodybuilding cousin when Alexander D. suddenly stood behind him.

The defendant said:

“I’ve been attacked. He came toward me. He had something in his hand. I could not see what. I did not have my glasses.”

Picture Above is of Bodybuilding coach Dennis K who is accused of shooting a man over a dodgy fake tan job. (Picture: CEN)

Yet he accidentally fired his gun and did not even realize he shot his victim.

Dennis K. fled and told that he only “learned from the TV what had happened”.

Victim Alexander D. told he still suffers from the consequences of the injury, being unable to sleep and having pains from damaged


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