Strongman Franz Muellner Lifts A Helicopter

Strongman Franz Muellner Lifts A Helicopter On His Shoulder’s

Strongman Franz Muellner Lifts A Helicopter On His Shoulder’s – Guinness World Record!

There is nothing more impressive than lifting a massive helicopter on your shoulder’s.

Strongman Franz Muellner attempts to break a Guinness world record by showing his superhuman strength.

In the video we have linked below Franz attempts to break his own world record for the heaviest weight supported on a person’s shoulder.

To break this record Franz gets under a huge steel frame and lifts it up as a helicopter slowly lands on the platform.

The helicopter slowly lands on to the platform as Franz is still holding it up.

This task is a pure test of strength and determination, and from his facial expressions you can see this.

In order to break the world record Franz needs to hit 1,984 lb’s on the scale before it can officially be declared.

In the video he tries to break the world record but than crashes to the ground in exhaustion.

He crumples to the floor after being exhausted from holding up so much weight.

Franz defeats his own record from a previous attempt.

There was a small flaw because the weight load was dropping below 922 lb’s during his attempt which would have made it ineffective even if broken.

We wish Franz better luck next time when he attempts to break it again.

Also check out another one of his world record breaking videos below:

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