Shocking Discovery When He Open's Protein Bag

Man Finds A Shocking Discovery When He Open’s Protein Bag

Man Finds A Shocking Discovery When He Open’s Protein Bag!

Protein powder is the most widely used supplement in fitness because it is a very accessible form of protein.

It provides a quick meal that helps to promote muscle growth and recovery after a long workout.

Chocolate protein powder tends to be the most common flavor of choice.

A man named Adam Brenton from Manchester opened his bag of chocolate whey protein powder when he discovered something he would have never expected.

No it wasn’t just the protein scoop being on the top of the powder it was something more surprising.

One day while Adam was taking a scoop out of his protein bag he went a little deeper into the bag.

The 25 year old noticed something a little strange while pulling his scoop out.

Lets just say he found a little extra protein bonus inside of his protein powder bag.

See the pictures below:


Adam was horrified to find the rodent in his protein power, saying:

“Generally speaking I don’t look into the bag, but I started to scoop it out and I felt resistance to the glide through the powder. I didn’t think anything of it, I scooped again and the same thing happened. I then went to see what was in it, and saw the mouse.”

“I checked the bag for holes and bite marks and I couldn’t see any. I checked the cupboard where it had been as well and there weren’t any signs of mice… The mouse must have been buried in the powder and I have slowly revealed it over the three weeks. I don’t know where in the process it has happened.”


Adam is now seeking compensation from the company that supplied the protein powder called “MyProtein”

Adam then went on to say:

“I just want to be fairly compensated, because my health has been put at risk.”

It is pretty safe to say that next time Adam will be checking his protein powder a lot more thoroughly before he pulls out another scoop.

There is a possibility that the mouse had crawled into the bag after Adam had already purchased it.

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