Guy Makes Incredible Transformation After His Ex Dumps Him

Guy Makes Incredible Transformation After His Ex Dumps Him

Guy Makes Incredible Transformation After His Ex Dumps Him.

Meet Miro Judt, a 33 year old who weighed 300lbs and was dumped by his girlfriend for letting himself go.

She turned him away because of his addiction to junk food and his rapid weight gain.

Now Judt has lost over 100lbs and is completely shredded!

Before his weight began to climb after he gave up on exercise he became addicted to junk foods such as pop, chips and chocolate.

But after his ex girlfriend dumped him he promised himself that he would turn his life around.This is when Judt decide to embark on a grueling exercise and diet routine.

After less than one year later he was able to lose 100lbs gain some serous muscle size.

Now he’s also happily loved by his new girlfriend named Victoria.

How Did Miro Judt Make This Incredible Transformation?

When his girlfriend of six years decided to sever their relationship telling Judt that he had let himself go, this was his wake up call.

He found advice and knowledge from a competitive bodybuilder where he was able to create a diet plan that put him on track towards getting the physique he craved.

Judt stuck to a clean eating diet that included fish, chicken, egg whites and protein shakes.

He kept a close eye on how many calories he was eating in a day making sure not to over due it with any junk food.


It wasn’t an easy trip for Judt’s incredible transformation.Judt had to put in cardio twice daily as well as lift heavy weights in order to lose over 100lbs in just nine months.

He met his current girlfriend on a dating website after she found his muscular physique very impressive.

They have now been living together for over a year and they even work out together regularly.

Miro Judt said:

“When I was younger I didn’t care what I was eating and drinking, and was regularly knocking back full fat bottles of coke and ordering unhealthy takeaways.

new girlfriend

Judt pictured with his new girlfriend Victoria

Here are some more comments made by Miro Judt:
“The problem was I had no real concept of what a nutritional diet was, so I put on a lot of excess weight.

“My long-term girlfriend leaving me was the real turning point. She was so dismissive of me and had no belief that I could lose the weight.

“I felt so hurt, but I decided there and then that I was going to change and to show her that I could do better and improve my physique.

“I cut out all junk food and fizzy drinks from my diet whilst adjusting my calorie intake, and thanks to help from a bodybuilder I was able to start on a strict diet that helped me slim down.

“Meeting Victoria was the best thing that ever happened to me, and she has really given me my confidence back.

“We’ve even started hitting the gym together, and always help each other to make sure we are both sticking to our diets.

“I know that the reason Victoria got with me is because of my physique, but we have been together for a long time now and I know that is because she loves me for who I am.

“For me she is the one, and my hope is that one day we will get married. When I’m with her, I know that all this hard work to lose the weight really was worth it. If my ex girlfriend can see me now, I hope she’ll realise what she is missing out on.”

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