Guy Farts While Trying To Ego Lift On Bench Press

Guy Farts While Trying To Ego Lift On Bench Press

Guy Farts While Trying To Ego Lift On Bench Press!

Ego lifting is described as someone who attempts to lift more weight than they can actually handle in order to impress others.

The video we have linked in this article contains a component of ego lifting except there is something far more entertaining than that.

Unfortunately for one man who was attempting a crack at some heavy weight for bench press, had a some what embarrassing consequence.

This viral video shows a man with his friend’s in the gym.

His friend’s are hyping him up in order to bench press a weight that he is not use to (yes he has a spotter thank god).

The man sitting on the lifting bench talks with his friend who is filming and decides to make a $20 bet that he can lift the weight.

It is obvious that the man filming doesn’t think his friend can lift the weight on the bench press for a single repetition.

The man’s other friend , the spotter behind him calls out “One time!” and readies him for the lift.

As the room goes quiet the man removes the barbell from the safety bar and begins lowering the weight down towards his chest.

Just as the barbell hits the mans chest he lets out a wet fart that echos throughout the gym floor.

See the hilarious video below:

After letting out the embarrassing fart almost immediately both the cameraman and the spotter begin laughing hysterically.

Farts do happen in the gym especially when we are putting our bodies under stress and tension.

At least the spotter did an amazing job at locking the barbell back into place after the man could not bring it back up.

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