Deloading Can Be Very Beneficial

Why Deloading Can Be Very Beneficial To Muscle Gain’s

Why Deloading Can Be Very Beneficial To Muscle Gains!

One of the most ignored factors in fitness and bodybuilding is recovery.

Recovery is very important when it comes to building new muscle and making sure you have enough energy for your next workout.

Making sure you have enough recovery time through getting enough sleep and proper nutrition is essential in growth.

What if you are getting enough rest and recovery but your muscle gains are plateauing?

Well we are going to explain what deloading is and how it can help break plateau’s in building muscle.

Think of deloading as a rounded form of recovery; it is decreasing your training load to allow your body to recover.

If you are always training heavy you are not giving your body the proper time to adapt to your training weight or training stimulus.

Continuing to train with heavy weights can lead to over-training which can reduce muscle mass and energy.

Lifting heavy weight’s continuously without breaks take a toll on your mental stress, nervous system, ligaments, tendons, and joint stresses which take longer to recover.

Looking At Studies That Demonstrate Deloading Can Be Beneficial!

One study that was conducted on male participant’s who had not trained before found that group A (who continuously trained throughout the study) compared to group B (who took a 3 week break in between) actually made the same muscle gain’s.

Another study conducted over a 6 month period found that there was no difference between the subjects who trained continuously compared to subjects who took a 3 week break every 6 weeks.

There was also a huge spike in the result’s in the participants muscle growth when coming back from the resting period in the group who took a 3 week break.

See the picture below:

What Does This All Mean?

If we are able to take advantage of our rest by minimizing it to 1 week instead of 3 weeks than we can significantly increase our body’s ability to produce great muscle gain’s and energy boosts.

Resting for even a few days can be very helpful for your body to catch up with your training.

If you are a bodybuilder who puts your body under a lot of weight stress throughout the week than taking a week off a couple times a every couple months can actually help you build a better physique.

But sometimes it can be hard to stay away from the gym for a whole week without training.

This is where the concept of deloading comes into play as well.

How Do You Deload?

Deloading is something you can do instead of taking time off from the gym you can still train but with lighter weight and less intensity.

The very specific approach to deloading is you need to decrease all of your lift intensities by at least 40-60% for one whole week.

Take for example; if you are bench pressing 225lb’s on your chest training days.

You will have to cut it down to at least 80 – 120lb’s while keeping the same set and rep ranges during your deload.

If you feel like you require more than a week of deloading than taking another week will only be more beneficial.

You could even do a week of dealoading followed by a week completely off from training than the following week begin with your high intensity again.

How often you deload will highly depend on your training level and if you begin to notice a decrease in your energy or muscle growth.

If you find your getting very fatigued on the weeks following your intense training than maybe deloading every other week is optimal for you.

For individuals who are training on less intense workout routine’s than deloading or rest weeks don’t need to be taken for as much as 12 weeks in.


The whole concept of deloading is to reduce your workload in order to improve your recovery.

Deloading is great for people who don’t like to just take a whole week off from training and would like to still be in the gym doing something.

If you are a beginner in the gym you might be able to get away with longer periods of time before you need to take a rest or a deload.

Just remember that over-training is a real thing and it can effect your energy level as well as your muscle gains.

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